The Ultimate Mastermind for Cigar PEG High Rollers, Benefactors, Auctioned Celebrities, and Staff

This is a (closed) invitation-only event for twelve (12) Cigar Peg High Rollers, 2017 Benefactors, Auctioned Celebrities, and staff. This is a NO CHARGE event. Attendees will be responsible for their travel, lodging, and meals. Yes, bring your spouse or significant other. The 2017 Mastermind is sold out.

Mastermind days: November 29, through December 1, 2017. We will be at the Margaritaville Resort (previously the Westin) in Key West (REOPENING 9/22/17 FOLLOWING THE HURRICANE), Tuesday (arrival) and Friday afternoon (departure). Three mastermind mornings (Wednesday-Friday) and three afternoons of R&R. 

Each attendee will share for 45 minutes on what they know that will help all the other individuals. For sharing information, there will be a data projector and flip charts available. The time slots will be:


8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast in Dewey Boardroom

9:00 - 9:45 - Chris Price; Take Leave Give

9:45 - 10:30 - Dawnna St Louis; Boring Copy SUCKS! Create Killer Kick-Ass Copy that Turns Browsers into Buyers


10:45 - 11:30 - David Newman; Powerful sales conversations to close $3K-$15K sales and serve the shit out of your clients

11:30 - 12:15 - Lori Marcoux; Strengthening My Leadership Mindset

Group lunch off site


8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast in Dewey Boardroom

9:00 - 9:45 - Mary Kelly; Economics, Earnings, and Emergencies

9:45 - 10:30 - Margaret Reynolds; Push Past the Probable to the Possible: The Top 5 Limiters of Potential


10:45 - 11:30 - Peter Stark; Successfully Gaining and Retaining Corporate Clients

11:30 - 12:15 - Annalisa Parent; The Inside Scoop to Structuring a Publishing House

Group lunch off site


8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast in Dewey Boardroom

9:00 - 9:45 - Daniel J Knight; How to Cash in On Your Natural Creativity and Innovation

9:45 - 10:30 - Robert Bradford; Turning your topic into a manual for training and consulting.  A simple process to expand your business model and get paid to market.

10:30 - 11:45 - Jim Zinger; Balancing Business, Family, and Professional Life through Self-Hypnosis

Group lunch for those that do not have early flights

Presentation Descriptions:

Robert Bradford: Turning your topic into a manual for training and consulting.  A simple process to expand your business model and get paid to market.
Robert will talk about the process he has used with his own business to take a simple speech topic and create a workbook, book and public seminar that sells for him.  We'll look at the types of workbooks people see, what features convey a sense of value, and how to stuff a ton of value in and still have prospects wanting to buy more.  He will also spend some time on how these product structures help him to sell his services all over the world without calling a bunch of client prospects.
Mary Kelly: Economics, Earnings, and Emergencies
  • Mary provides an economic overview so you can make the right decisions for your home, investments, retirement, and business. When should you buy a house?  When should you buy a car?  What should you invest in?  
  • Are you making the most of your earnings?  Are you spending smart? Use mary's forms to help make sure you are on track for your financial goals.  
  • Are you ready for an emergency? 
  • Help yourself and your family and business by having the right paperwork in order so you are prepared for an illness, catastrophe, or death. ♦♦♦

Daniel J KnightHow to Cash in On Your Natural Creativity and Innovation

As a professional speaker, you’re by necessity an entrepreneur. This means delivering expertise to clients whose expectations are constantly evolving and growing. To stay ahead, the entrepreneur creates, develops and tests new ideas to fuel innovation and growth. To help you make this happen, Dan will discuss how to:

  • adopt a creative and innovative mindset
  • recognize and leverage the different creative and innovative styles
  • apply a proven process to  create, develop, and implement innovative opportunities ♦♦♦
Lori Marcoux: Strengthening My Leadership Mindset 

Within a 45 minute period everyone in the room is learning:

  • what it means to continue stretching one’s line of ownership
  • how to make the most of leadership opportunities
  • something new about themselves and others in the room

This 45 minute session is a taste of experiential learning. Everyone walks away with a heightened self-awareness and knowing what it takes to produce even more of what is most important to them. ♦♦♦

David Newman: Powerful sales conversations to close $3K-$15K sales and serve the shit out of your clients
We'll talk about: 
  • Scripting, prep, and the right [and wrong] sales mindset
  • How to use pain/gain triggers with integrity - not manipulation
  • Lighthouse vs. Tugboat selling
  • The art of illuminating radiant consequences
  • Overcoming objections with your 2 most powerful weapons: honesty and common sense
  • Boundaries, respect, and improving your "trusted advisor sales process" as a lifetime practice ♦♦♦
Annalisa Parent: The Inside Scoop to Structuring a Publishing House

  • What publishing and book marketing look like from the inside
  • How I hired a quality team to support every step from concept to publication, from book to sales
  • How we leverage social media to widen our funnel
  • How we use online courses to increase our efficacy ♦♦♦
Chris Price; Take Leave Give -- Making the Most of our Mastermind Time & Resources
When attending an educational or development event, most people focus on:
  • Take -- What I hope to Take from this session and use in my business and personal life
And, naturally, Key West Masterminders are prepared to:
  • Give -- What I plan to Give to others in the form of input, expertise, feedback, support and camaraderie (also known as snide remarks and gallows humor)
But less often do we give much thought to:
  • Leave -- What must I Leave behind now, to provide the best chance for my personal and business life to continue progressing toward its highest potential and significance
In this Kickoff Session, we will explore these concepts through a bit of individual writing, partner conversation, and team discussion -- allowing us to get up to speed quickly with our Key West Mastermind group resources, needs, and unique personality. ♦♦♦

Margaret Reynolds: Pus: Past the Probable to the Possible: The top 5 limiters of Potential

As leaders and innovators there is no doubt you are pushing forward, trying new things and expecting better results. But are you on the path to the probable, the predictable, the straight line extrapolation from where you are –or are you pushing into the realm of the possible, exploring the potential for your business and then transforming your business to achieve it? One is good and the other is tremendous. We will do a deep dive into the difference between incremental thinking/doing vs. possibility thinking - and the practical steps to realize BIG leaps in our businesses. ♦♦♦

Dawnna St Louis: Boring Copy SUCKS! Create Killer Kick-Ass Copy that Turns Browsers into Buyers 
  • Click. Scroll. Browse. DONE.
  • Your prospect went from interested to outta here in less than 7 seconds and its YOUR FAULT. 
  • But you're not alone.  Most people have boring copy - aka - sales prevention.
  • Just imagine... if your copy sucks just a little less, then suddenly you have what it takes to kick the crap out of the competition. So, let's start kicking.
  • In this workshop you will discover the tools, tips, and tricks that drive browsers to stay longer, read more, and want to call you for the next big engagement. ♦♦♦

Performance Deposit. There will be a required "performance" deposit of $500. Since there is no registration fee, the deposit is simply to make sure you show up. The deposit will be returned immediately after the event...providing that you, (1) book and pay for a room for three (3) nights within our block (not with points) and (2) submit a content summary for consideration (a presentation proposal). Complete these two (2) tasks and your deposit will be returned immediately following the event. This mastermind is limited to 12 attendees. Naturally, spouses and significant others are also welcome.

The sleeping room "event rate" at the Margaritaville Resort is $239 a night:

If you want to attend and you are not already a Cigar PEG High Roller, Auctioned Celebrity, Staff Member, or 2017 Benefactor; you will need to join the Cigar PEG as a Benefactor ($500) and then register by submitting your $500 (fully refundable) performance deposit. Buy buttons are below:

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Members attending the 2017 Mastermind in Key West:
  1. Ed Rigsbee, moderator
  2. Dan Knight
  3. David Newman
  4. Dawnna St Louis
  5. Margaret Reynolds
  6. Chris Price
  7. Robert Bradford
  8. Lori Marcoux
  9. Peter Stark
  10. Mary Kelly
  11. Annalisa Parent
  12. Jim Zinger

In 2016, David Newman Shared: the "webinar marketing formula" about how to put together and present a high converting sales webinar or lead generating webinar including:

- Webinar structure, flow, and key ingredients
- Webinar visuals that sell
- How to make the offer without being pushy, needy, or slimy
- What you must do before, during and after to make sure they sign up, show up, and pay up
- How to sell anything on a webinar including coaching, consulting, training, online courses, and even programs that you haven't built yet
These are the same exact strategies, templates and formulas that I use daily to bring in over $500k of webinar-related sales per year.
In 2016, Robert Bradford Shared: How Can I Re-engineer My Business Model to Use New Tech?

You have a working business, that's a given.  The world changes, though - and that means you will need to tweak your approach to efficiently and effectively generate speaking business.
Robert will walk people through a tool he's used to build and revitalize several very different speaking businesses, and give you a simple, but effective way to spot holes in your model and - hopefully - some unexplored opportunities for growth.  He also shared the most effective channels for building up new clientele with a minimal investment of time and money.
In 2016, Chris Price Shared: Boost Your Consulting Revenue with People Assessments

People & Culture expert Chris Price of Price Leadership Group -- who is certified in a variety of tools from basic personality tests to professional-level psychometric evaluations.
If you are seeking additional solutions to build consulting and coaching packages that go beyond the speech, then People Assessments can be an effective and recurring revenue stream.
The group explored the spectrum of Assessment tools, what to look for, and what to avoid (like bad tools, and good tools applied poorly). Also covered, Package scenarios -- where using individual and team assessments can provide a valuable addition to your speaking engagements, breakouts, and follow-up consulting services.
In 2016, Dawnna St Louis Shared: 6 Kick-A$$ Strategies of the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur

In this eye-opening program Dawnna shared the 12-Step system used to transform her own crazy kitchen table idea into a multi-million dollar powerhouse business. In this high-content mind-blowing session, participants discovered how to:

  • Leverage the Business DNA Blueprint that separates business wannabes from Breakout Businesses
  • Eradicate blindspots that are blindsiding your success
  • Know exactly what your customer wants, why they want it, and what makes them buy
  • What to do every single day to close more deals n the next 90 days
  • Close the deal - fast… by turning your commodity into an asset
In 2016, Dan Knight Shared: Easy Ways to Find and Develop Stories for Your Presentations
Stories have proven to be the most reliable way for you to transfer your information, knowledge and wisdom to your audiences. Stories tap into their imagination and emotions, and they increase the staying power of your message.

Dan covered:

  • Three prime sources to find stories
  • Six types of stories and how to use them
  • Simple and effective ways to frame your stories
  • Story Banks and how to use them
  • Other types of evidence to complement your presentations

Everyone walked away with tools and techniques immediately implementable.

In 2016, Margaret Reynolds Shared: How to find the pivot point that can take your business to the next level.

Every successful entrepreneur works on two very important parts of their business: 1) how to improve what they already do—content, bookings and operations and 2) how to grow your business to the next level. Most people think the former leads to the latter and often, that just isn’t so. The first takes the majority of our time and often yields incremental results; the second has the potential to be transformational and take your success to a whole new level.  As leaders of our own business we have a responsibility to do both. Covered:

  • What is a pivot point and how do you find it?
  • What are the most common mistakes that hold people and companies back?
  • What are the essential steps in pursuing successful and significant growth?
  • What should I do tomorrow?

These principles work for multi-billion companies and solo entrepreneurs and everything in between who are willing to embrace the future and work smart!