2017 Cigar PEG Party & Celebrity Auction 

The Venue for the (Sunday) July 9, 2017 Cigar PEG Party & Auction:

Sun on the Beach

6:00 PM: Doors Open (Dinner 6 PM to 8 PM)

8:14:59 PM: Dale

8:30 PM: Eddie Award

8:35 PM: Celebrity Auction

9:25 PM (ish): Cigar PEG 50/50 Raffle Winner announced (must be present to win)

9:30 PM to Midnight: Dancing

Auctioneer:  Avish Parashar

Auction Celebrities:


The Cigar PEG Suite will open at Midnight

(Check out the 2017 Cigar PEG Benefactors listed at the bottom of the page.)


America’s Premier Cigar Friendly Public Charity

The Place Where Serious Professional Speakers, Trainers, & Consultants Come to Play


Cavett Robert, Founder of the National Speakers Association, enjoying a relaxing cigar.

(Photo courtesy of the Robert Family)

What happens at the Cigar PEG party, stays at the Cigar PEG party!

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Barred from Bidding; people that have reneged and are now permanently Barred from Bidding at any Cigar PEG Auction, click to see the deadbeats

2017 Cigar PEG Benefactors

Sheri Fitts, Dan Knight, Lori Marcoux, Chris Price, Aidan Crawford, Russell Trahan, Sierra Modro, John Patrick Dolan, Robert Stack, Niels Brabandt, Judson Laipply, Joe Vitale, Dawnna St. Louis, Alan Weiss, Connie Podesta, Ralph Peterso, Joel Block, Joe Curcillo, Annie Meehan, Ray Leone, Clint Maun, Bill Wallace, Sima Dahl

Joe Vitale, Cigar PEG Benefactor for 2017


Mr. FIRE joe@mrfire.com www.mrfire.com/ 

Joe Vitale has been a supportive Cigar PEG Benefactor since 2007

David Newman, Cigar PEG High Roller & Benefactor 2017

David Newman

David Newman

Marketing Speaker David Newman speaks to groups of professionals who want to attract, engage, and win more customers with smarter marketing – NOW more than ever!

Since 1992, David has delivered over 600 corporate programs. He has presented keynotes and seminars for 44 of the Fortune 500 and a wide variety of associations; David has also worked 1-on-1 with over 60 professional speakers, coaches, and consultants in his Marketing Mentor Program. To download your FREE 97-page Strategic Marketing eBook, visit http://www.DavidNewman.com

David Newman has been a supportive Cigar PEG Benefactor since 2008

Alan Weiss 2017 Cigar PEG High Roller & Benefactor

Alan Weiss

Alan Weiss, PhD

Alan has been a Cigar PEG “High Roller” since 2008 and yearly contributes as a Benefactor


Judson Laipply 2017 Cigar PEG Benefactor

Aidan Crawford Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor

 Aidan is the owner of Short Circuit Media – an all in one marketing shop for professional speakers, trainers and consultants. Beyond providing coaching and strategy he likes to get his hands dirty in the implementation part of things. “I don’t just tell you what to do, I actually go and do it for you. Now can I get a Canadian Club, lots of ice?”



Clint Maun Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor

Ray Leone Cigar PEG 2017 High Roller & Benefactor

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Robert Stack Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor

Robert Stack, MCLC, BCC, APR, Fellow PRSA

Robert Stack


Daniel J Knight Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor


Daniel Knight,

High Performance Strategy Associates, LLC, 

5813 Lane Drive, Alexandria, VA 22310-1138

dan@hpstrategy.com   http://www.hpstrategy.com/

Dan has been a Cigar PEG Benefactor yearly since 2009

John Patrick Dolan, CSP, CPAE Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor



Joe Curcillo Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor

Annie Meehan Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor

Annie Meehan

Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt 2017 Cigar PEG Benefactor

Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt

Prof. Dr. Niels Brabandt

Vorsitzender des Vorstands / CEO, NB Networks AG

Your Enterprise Solution Provider – worldwide. More than 80 countries – more than 500 locations – more than 1200 offices.

Mobile London: +44750 / 0042897  —  Speaker Office London: +4420 / 32871900


Sierra Modro 2017 Cigar PEG Benefactor

Sierra Modro

Sierra Modro – Technical Evangelist


Russell Trahan (PR/PR Public Relations Producing Results) 2017 Cigar PEG Benefactor

Russell Trahan

PR/PR Public Relations
2301 Hickory Ln.
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 895-8800


Joel Block Cigar PEG 2017 Benefactor

Joel is the CEO of a hedge fund comprised of opportunistic buyers of multi-family and commercial real estate who partner with individual investors that participate in profits with us. Using our expertise, our vast network of resources and our experience, we pick, fix and profit from distressed assets nationwide. The Fund generates revenue in two ways. Our Value-Add Group optimizes, renovates or otherwise adds value to real estate projects where profit can be realized within one year; our Arbitrage Group uses technologies to find and flip parcels for small but frequent and immediate profits. These strategies, combined with our superior skills in property picking and negotiating enable us to secure strong and consistent returns to our investors and principals.

Joel also leads two training conferences each year to assist others in acquiring the skills needed to syndicate properties. As the nation’s preeminent real estate syndication training provider, we help real estate brokers, financiers and investors acquire the skills to pool resources so that they can build wealth by controlling growing portfolios of real property.

To learn more and to subscribe to our blog, please go to www.syndicatefast.com.
For complete information on our programs and business keynotes for major companies worldwide, please download Joel’s complete speaker’s kit at: http://tinyurl.com/joels-kit
You may review Joel’s demo video at: http://www.joelblock.com/demo/
Connect to Joel on LinkedIn  http://tinyurl.com/link-to-joel

Joel G. Block, Chief Deal Maker

Bullseye Capital – 5737 Kanan Road, Suite 269 – Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Direct: 818-917-0670
Email: joel@bullseyecap.com

Bill Wallace, Cigar PEG Benefactor for 2017

Sima Dahl, Cigar PEG Benefactor for 2017

For information on becoming a 2016 Cigar PEG Benefactor Member, contact Laurie Brown, Queen of Benefactor Memberships, at +1 248.761.7510, Lauriebrown@thedifference.net 

2017 Cigar PEG T-Shirt Sponsor: 

David Newman-Do It Marketing!


the Cigar PEG Celebrity Auction, you get more than you expect!


The Cigar PEG is not one of NSA’s official PEGs, just the most fun and philanthropic of any in NSA’s history–official or unofficial.