2003 Cigar PEG Party Photos

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2003 Cigar PEG Party
Photos & Comments

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Cigar PEG Party on July 28, 2003 was held at
the Bourbon Vieux (Upstairs), 501 Bourbon
Street, New Orleans.

Photos from Steve Tyra:

Just a couple guys hanging

Photos from Hayley Foster:

Tom in Heaven, the next evening


here is a picture with about half of the flowers. The other half had
already left the building!!! Employees who could not find a container
went home over the lunch hour and took their flowers with them. THANKS
SO VERY MUCH. This is something I will talk about for the rest of my
life. My staff thanks you; my mother thanks you; my daughter thanks you;
my sister-in-law thanks you and two of my friends thank you! I kept six
dozen of the roses for myself!!!

By the way, the Cigar Peg was an absolute blast. I had never attended
before and was a little apprehensive, just because I am not a totally
wild and crazy lady!!! The opportunity to help people who need help was
my motivation. I am allergic to cigarette smoke and thought I would have
to spend most of the night on the balcony. I arrived at 6:30 and left
after midnight and never went on the balcony. The smoke did not bother
me at all and I even smoked one cigar myself! It was especially fun to
see speakers all relating to each other on an equal footing. I love the
fact that you did not mention who had what initials after their name.
You and the Cigar Peg have a lot to feel great about. You know how to
put together a fabulous party and make money in a very fun way for
charitable causes at the same time. By the way, Scott McKain was an
awesome auctioneer! Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your
efforts.  And thanks again for the beautiful flowers.

the Cigar PEG in New Orleans was the highlight of the NSA convention for
me.  I am a vehement non-smoker myself, but I found the fun and
atmosphere of people playing, laughing and having a good time just what
we needed.  It was fun and slightly outrageous without going over
the line—just a bunch of friends having fun and a good time. 
Thank you for all you did to make it happen! 
-Terry L. Brock


— Congratulations on a job well done. It was a great party and you
raised $30,000! Way to go. Thanks for doing this so the rest of us can
play and contribute to a good cause. As always, I appreciate your
-Jack Canfield

Dear Ed,
Thanks so much for letting me join you all at the Cigar PEG dinner which
I found to be fabulous fun! As was the Convention – completely amazing!

Patricia Wheatley
Burt, London


on the success of the Cigar Peg. Well done! As you know, this was my
virginal CP experience. And am sure glad I attended. Thought your
typical CP bash was hot, smoky and crowded. This year’s gig was cool and
spacious with limited noxious fumes!  (Something you might really
want to highlight for ’04.) Also, this was really the first year I
understood all the altruistic implications of the CP. Powerful stuff!


How’d the Cigar Peg go?
Think that’s what I missed the most about not being at the convention!

Lola Gillebaard

Photo by Dov Friedmann

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