The First of Semi-Annual Events…

2018 Cigar PEG Members-Only Referral Network

Fort Lauderdale, FL October 17-19, 2018 (Next after will be in April)

This is open to all 2018-2019 Cigar PEG members. There will not be a maximum, everyone is welcome. The Commitment of 15 Members by September 15 is Necessary for this Event to be a GO!

Registration is $297 (to help pay for the meeting room for 3 days)

15 members need to register by September 15, 2018. Otherwise, all registrations will be refunded.

From September 16…on, there will be no refunds…you are committed.

Why Attend? What’s In It for You?

3-half day sessions: Strategic referral network development in the mornings and casual networking in the afternoons.

Here is how it will work:

Arrive Tuesday afternoon, October 16.

Wednesday, October 17, we will spend 9 AM to 1 PM (time might adjust depending on number of attendees) learning each other’s story…how each person got to where they are today. Then on your own for lunch…small groups or one large group. Afternoon at pool, beach, or shopping. Group dinner in the evening.

Thursday, October 18 & Friday, October 19…9 AM to 1 PM, each attendee will give a presentation of their regular material (approximately 10 minutes) so everyone will have the opportunity to hear everyone else. This will more easily enable each person to potentially recommend everyone else to clients when asked.

Thursday afternoon and evening will be similar to Wednesday.

Attendees can plan to depart Friday late afternoon.

The hotel is (still to be determined). Currently the The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort is in top contention as they have suites that we would use for our meeting. Once we get enough attendee commitments, we can negotiate for a suite. Registration is $297 (to help pay for the suite for 3 days)

Registered Attendees:

  1. Michael Goldberg
  2. Evan Piper
  3. ?

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