The Ultimate (Referral Network Development) Mastermind for 2018 Cigar PEG Members

May 8-10 @ The Westin Maui Resort and Spa

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What if you could spend three mornings with the architect of the number 1 live and online learning platform in the world (according to the experts  at Training magazine)?  What if that same person was the Chief Learning Officer for the largest and most successful referral network in the world? What if this person would share with you the secrets to the wealth that network has created for its’ members worldwide? What if you could  do that for FREE.

That is exactly what this Mastermind is making available to you. Our sponsor Mike Staver is that guy and has agreed to spend three content packed mornings sharing and interacting with us at the beautiful Westin Maui Resort. He will be collaborating with those in attendance on how we as experts can create the same kind of success he has helped Leading Real Estate Companies of the World create for their members. Not only that but Mike will help us think through the steps necessary to drive referrals  and revenue in our own businesses.

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Sponsored by Mike Staver, this is an open-invitation event. There is NO CHARGE to participate (However, attendees must be 2018 Cigar PEG members.) Attendees will be responsible for their travel, lodging, and meals. Yes, bring your spouse or significant other. The key topic for the mastermind is REFERRALS…specifically, how can those in attendance build a long-term referral network serving one another.

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The Spring Maui Mastermind is three mornings of sharing and three afternoons of R&R.

The Mastermind will be in Kaanapali, just above Lahaina, Hawaii. Arrive at the Westin on Monday, May 7 and depart on Thursday afternoon, May 10…or stay a few extra days. Rooms are available at $239 & $20 resort fee (guaranteed through April 13).

  • Tuesday, May 8 — 8 AM to Noon in the Kaanapali Boardroom
  • Wednesday, May 9 — 8 AM to Noon in the Kaanapali Boardroom
  • Thursday, May 10 — 8 AM to Noon in the Kaanapali Boardroom

Performance Deposit. There will be a required “performance” deposit of $500. Since there is no registration fee, the deposit is simply to make sure you show up. The deposit will be returned immediately after the event…providing that you, (1) book and pay for a room for three (3) nights within our block (not with points) and (2) submit a content summary for consideration (a presentation proposal). Complete these two (2) tasks and your deposit will be returned immediately following the event.

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Registered Attendees:

  • Mike Staver – Sponsor
  • Ed Rigsbee – Host
  • Jeff Owens – Hawaii Kama’aina
  • Ryan & Morgan Rigsbee

Register by submitting your $500 (fully refundable) performance deposit.

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