It’s a go!!!

Cigar PEG Benefactors (2021 Paid), High Rollers & Staff are invited to the Mirage Las Vegas June 1 & 2, 2021. Arrive on Memorial Day, Monday, May 31 and depart Thursday, June 3. We will rent a pool cabana(s) June 1 & 2 to facilitate social distancing. The suite will also be available for small group meetings.

Book your room at the Mirage or stay elsewhere…it is totally up to you.

Register now! After May 1, there will be no refunds for personal cancelations. There is no maximum number for attendance.

You are on your own for all expenses. However, the suite will be loaded with adult beverages and snacks for your consumption. For dinners, we’ll most likely break up into groups.

Currently Registered:

  1. Joe Curcillo
  2. Michelle Villalobos
  3. Mary Kelly
  4. Carolyn Strauss
  5. Lisa Ryan
  6. Joel Block
  7. Dwight Holcomb
  8. Mike Staver
  9. Eric Rozenberg
  10. Randy Otto
  11. Marcey Walsh
  12. Gina Carr
  13. Terry Brock

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