Welcome to Cigar PEG 2021

Las Vegas

We will not host an off-site party this year do to the drastically reduced number attending Influence–yet, we will have T-Shirts. And, the Octavius Emperor Suite at Caesars Palace Las Vegas will be in full action Friday (July 9) through Tuesday (July 13) nights … including a silent auction

Join Cigar PEG 2021

Cigar PEG Members-Only Hospitality Suite: 

Bring your favorite locally produced spirit (whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, etc.) to donate to the suite.

Cigar PEG Silent AuctionMore info to come … final bids will be Monday (July 12) night.

Suite Hours: Following official Influence* activities, until 1 AM each night.

*Official Influence Hours:

Tuesday is Pool PEG day. Stay an extra day: detox and chill with friends and colleagues…the suite will be open Tuesday night.

Cigar PEG Book Exchange Rules: Cigar PEG members are invited and encouraged to share your books with your colleagues. It is both good promotion for your book and excellent community sharing. You bring as many copies (to the hospitality suite) of as many of your books as you like (Friday-Sunday nights) and then (Monday & Tuesday nights) you take other persons’ books. However many books you contribute (total number) is the number of books you may take. This is for real books, not pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, etc.