Mastermind in Las Vegas by Cigar PEG May 2022

Cigar PEG Benefactors (2023 Paid), High Rollers & Staff are invited to the Mirage Las Vegas May 30-June 1, 2023Special Notice: MGM recently sold the Mirage to Hard Rock. All is good, but you might have to reserve your room through the Hard Rock’s Website? There is no room block…find your best deal.

Arrive on Monday, (Memorial Day) May 29 and depart Friday, June 2. We have 2 penthouse suites available for small group meetings. In each suite, there will be three sessions a day for three days (18 total sessions). Topic sessions will be facilitated by attendees.

Book your room at the Mirage or stay elsewhere…it is totally up to you. Reserve your room…even if you are not sure. You can cancel your reservation up to the week before.

Register now! There will be no refunds for personal cancelations. Registration is $300.

There is no maximum number for attendance.

You are on your own for all expenses. However, the suite will be loaded with adult beverages and snacks for your consumption. For dinners, we’ll most likely break up into groups.

$300: Register for the Las Vegas Mastermind below:

2023 Registered Attendees:

  1. Frank King
  2. Jill Schiefelbein
  3. Joe Curcillo
  4. Bryce Austin
  5. Nelson Griswald
  6. Barry Moniak
  7. Randy Otto
  8. Kelli Vrla
  9. Jeff Owens
  10. Candy Campbell 
  11. Tom Guetzke
  12. Scott Cooksey
  13. Val Grubb
  14. Susan Fitzell
  15. Lori King-Taylor

2022 Registered Attendees:

  1. Joe Curcillo, High Roller
  2. Ford Saeks, High Roller
  3. Jeff Owens, High Roller
  4. Lisa Ryan, High Roller
  5. Carolyn Strauss, High Roller
  6. Randy Otto, Benefactor
  7. Jeremy Torisk, Benefactor
  8. Susan Fitzell, Benefactor
  9. Valerie Grubb, Benefactor
  10. Amber Hurdle, Benefactor
  11. Eric Rozenberg, Benefactor
  12. April Callis-Birchmeier, Benefactor
  13. Dan Knight, Benefactor
  14. Annie Meehan, Benefactor
  15. Kathleen Riessen, Benefactor
  16. Joel Block, Benefactor
  17. Scott Cooksey, Benefactor
  18. Donn LeVie, Benefactor
  19. Ken Blackwell, Benefactor
  20. Kathi Kulesza, Benefactor
  21. Mitch Seehusen, Benefactor
  22. Frank King, Benefactor
  23. Barry Moniak, Benefactor
  24. Conor Cunneen, Benefactor
  25. Laura Porreca, Benefactor
  26. Thom Singer, Benefactor
  27. Bill Humbert, Benefactor
  28. Jessica Owens Reid, Benefactor
  29. Marcey Walsh, Staff
  30. Ed Rigsbee, Staff