Welcome to Cigar PEG XXIV – 2023 Orlando

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What to Bring:

Your book(s) for the book exchange in the suite and your local craft spirit donation for the suite: whiskey, dark-rum, vodka & gin are great choices.

 Cigar PEG “Meet & Greet” party Friday night (6-10 PM) at Terry Brock & Gina Carr’s Penthouse in Orlando, just off Sand Lake Road & I-4.

Email to ed@cigarpeg.com for address.

Remember to buy your Raffle tickets…lots of awesome prizes

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Cigar PEG Members-Only Hospitality Suite: 

Bring your favorite locally produced (from your area) spirit (whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, etc.) to donate to the suite.


Suite Hours: Following official Influence* activities, until 1 AM each night.

  • Friday evening…stop in before or after the Brock Party and pick up your Cigar PEG T-Shirt (your ticket to get into the Sunday night party)
  • Saturday night…hospitality suite
  • Sunday: Celebrity Auction & Fundraising party Click for auction packages
  • Monday night…hospitality suite

Cigar PEG Book Exchange Rules: Cigar PEG members are invited and encouraged to share your books with your colleagues. It is both good promotion for your book and excellent community sharing. You bring as many copies (to the hospitality suite) of as many of your books as you like (Friday-Sunday nights) and then (Monday & Tuesday nights) you take other persons’ books. However many books you contribute (total number) is the number of books you may take. This is for real books, not pamphlets, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Cigar PEG Fund Raising Celebrity Auction Party: Sunday, July 16, 2023

(Your 2023 Cigar PEG Shirt is Your Ticket to the Party)

6:00 PM: Doors Open

6-8 PM: Dinner

8:00 PM Dale Irvin

8:25 PM: Eddie Award

8:35 PM: Celebrity Auction (Frank King)

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9:25 PM (ish): Cigar PEG Raffle Winners Announced Immediately (must be present to win)

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9:30 PM to Midnight: Dancing with DJ, Rob Ferre

Dale Irvin is back and he’ll update us on all that has gone on since our last party (in 2022). Below for his 2019 Convention Update.

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2023 Raffle Sponsor: Jason Mirpuri, Lord’s Custom Tailors, Hong Kong