The 2024 Ultimate Business-Growth Elite Mastermind for Cigar PEG High Rollers, Benefactors, & Cigar PEG Staff is Full.

See Below to get on the waiting list.

Spend three mornings, Tuesday-Thursday (December 3-5) in the board room focusing on the health & wellness of your business/career and how we can innovate to accelerate growth & revenue…Arrive Monday, December 2 and depart Friday, Dec 6.

This is a (closed) invitation-only elite speaker retreat for Cigar PEG High Rollers, 2024 Benefactors, and Cigar PEG Staff.

This event helps you to grow your business by taking time to “sharpen the axe” incorporating the help of other high-level speakers. Many advanced-speaker attendees have commented on the high-value accelerated business growth strategies they have received from masterminding with other more advanced speakers. If you register, lock the date on your calendar as this event will be more important to you than accepting a booking. Here, we will draw a line straight to the money. And, you’ll have some fun and build closer relationships with your peers in helping you to (with leads) find new and more profitable business. (Spouses are welcome to join in at meals and during social time…but this IS NOT a plus-one invitation for your friends.)

There is a $300 (non-refundable & non-transferable) registration for each attendee and it is compulsory to stay a minimum of four nights at the event venue (rooms @ $385 per night, resort fee waived). Attendees will be responsible for their travel, lodging, and meals. Yes, please do bring your spouse/significant other (not plus-one friend). Spouses and significant others will not attend sessions in board room but are welcome to attend group meals.

Mastermind days: December 3-5, 2024. We will be at the Opal Key Resort & Marina (previously the Margaritaville and before that, the Westin) in Key West. Hotel room booking information and link at bottom of page.

Plan for Monday 12/2/24 (arrival) and Friday 12/6/24 (departure). Three business-growth mastermind mornings (Tuesday-Thursday) and three afternoons of R&R…we generally reconvene in the spa. Group lunch and dinner is not mandatory…but why wouldn’t you want to break bread with your colleagues?

Each attendee will have the opportunity to share their “growing the business” success secrets or ask others to help solve a challenge.

Learn from the greats

Book Your Room at the Opal Key

Friday, November 1, 2024 is the deadline for Mastermind room rate.

See the bottom of the page for full information regarding booking your room.


$300 (Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable):

High Rollers & 2024 Benefactors Registered for 2024 Mastermind:

  1. Jeff Owens, High Roller
  2. Mike Staver, High Roller
  3. Ray Leone, High Roller
  4. Lisa Ryan, High Roller
  5. Bryce Austin, High Roller
  6. Dan Knight, High Roller
  7. Joe Curcillo, High Roller
  8. Susan Fitzell, High Roller
  9. Tom Guetzke, Benefactor
  10. Kelli Vrla, Benefactor
  11. Barry Moniak, Benefactor
  12. Nelson Griswold, Benefactor
  13. Mike Wright, Benefactor
  14. Ken Blackwell, Benefactor
  15. Lori King-Taylor, Benefactor
  16. Bruce Berlin, Benefactor
  17. Mary Howell, Benefactor
  18. Mitch Seehusen, Benefactor

The 2024 Mastermind is full. We will accept “pending” registrations. Pay for a spot that might become open if someone cancels. 

If you do not make it, your registration payment will be refunded. Pay below:

Register for a spot if someone cancels Key West Mastermind:

Waiting List:

  1. Erik Larson
  2. Kay Allison
  3. Randy Otto


High Rollers & 2023 Benefactors:

  • Ray Leone, High Roller
  • Mike Staver, High Roller
  • Lisa Ryan, High Roller
  • Joe Curcillo, High Roller
  • Jeff Owens, High Roller
  • Dan Knight, High Roller
  • Bryce Austin, Benefactor
  • Ken Blackwell, Benefactor
  • Nelson Griswold, Benefactor
  • Tom Guetzke, Benefactor
  • Mike Wright, Benefactor
  • Vivian Cobb, Benefactor
  • Lori King-Taylor, Benefactor
  • Barry Moniak, Benefactor
  • April Callis-Birchmeier, Benefactor
  • Kelli Vrla, Benefactor
  • Kit Welchlin, Benefactor
  • Sharon Grossman, Benefactor


High Roller & 2022 Benefactor Attendees

  1. Jeremy Torisk, High Roller
  2. Lisa Ryan, High Roller
  3. Ray Leone, High Roller
  4. Joe Curcillo, High Roller
  5. Mike Staver, High Roller
  6. Peter Stark, High Roller
  7. Dan Knight, Benefactor
  8. Randy Otto, Benefactor
  9. Ken Blackwell, Benefactor
  10. Bryce Austin, Benefactor
  11. Mark Stiving, Benefactor
  12. Amber Hurdle, Benefactor
  13. Kathi Kulesza, Benefactor
  14. Nelson Griswold, Benefactor
  15. Kathleen Riessen, Benefactor
  16. Ed Rigsbee, Meeting Organizer


Members that attended the 2021 Mastermind in Key West:

  1. Jeff Owens, High Roller
  2. Ray Leone, High Roller
  3. Joe Curcillo, High Roller
  4. Anne McKinney, High Roller
  5. Mike Staver, High Roller
  6. Lisa Ryan, High Roller
  7. Dan Knight, Benefactor
  8. Jeremy Torisk, Benefactor
  9. Randy Otto, Benefactor
  10. Susan Fitzell, Benefactor
  11. Dwight Holcomb, Benefactor
  12. Jerome Wade, Benefactor
  13. Donn LeVie, Benefactor
  14. April Callis-Birchmeier, Benefactor
  15. Jan Spence, Benefactor
  16. Ken Blackwell, Benefactor
  17. Dale Irvin, Staff
  18. Ed Rigsbee, Staff

Past Events

In 2016, David Newman Shared:the “webinar marketing formula” about how to put together and present a high converting sales webinar or lead generating webinar including:

– Webinar structure, flow, and key ingredients
– Webinar visuals that sell
– How to make the offer without being pushy, needy, or slimy
– What you must do before, during and after to make sure they sign up, show up, and pay up
– How to sell anything on a webinar including coaching, consulting, training, online courses, and even programs that you haven’t built yet
These are the same exact strategies, templates and formulas that I use daily to bring in over $500k of webinar-related sales per year.

In 2016, Robert Bradford Shared:How Can I Re-engineer My Business Model to Use New Tech?

You have a working business, that’s a given.  The world changes, though – and that means you will need to tweak your approach to efficiently and effectively generate speaking business.
Robert will walk people through a tool he’s used to build and revitalize several very different speaking businesses, and give you a simple, but effective way to spot holes in your model and – hopefully – some unexplored opportunities for growth.  He also shared the most effective channels for building up new clientele with a minimal investment of time and money.

In 2016, Chris Price Shared: Boost Your Consulting Revenue with People Assessments

People & Culture expert Chris Price of Price Leadership Group — who is certified in a variety of tools from basic personality tests to professional-level psychometric evaluations.
If you are seeking additional solutions to build consulting and coaching packages that go beyond the speech, then People Assessments can be an effective and recurring revenue stream.
The group explored the spectrum of Assessment tools, what to look for, and what to avoid (like bad tools, and good tools applied poorly). Also covered, Package scenarios — where using individual and team assessments can provide a valuable addition to your speaking engagements, breakouts, and follow-up consulting services.
In 2016, Dawnna St Louis Shared: 6 Kick-A$$ Strategies of the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur

In this eye-opening program Dawnna shared the 12-Step system used to transform her own crazy kitchen table idea into a multi-million dollar powerhouse business. In this high-content mind-blowing session, participants discovered how to:

  • Leverage the Business DNA Blueprint that separates business wannabes from Breakout Businesses
  • Eradicate blindspots that are blindsiding your success
  • Know exactly what your customer wants, why they want it, and what makes them buy
  • What to do every single day to close more deals n the next 90 days
  • Close the deal – fast… by turning your commodity into an asset
In 2016, Dan Knight Shared: Easy Ways to Find and Develop Stories for Your Presentations

Stories have proven to be the most reliable way for you to transfer your information, knowledge and wisdom to your audiences. Stories tap into their imagination and emotions, and they increase the staying power of your message.

Dan covered:

  • Three prime sources to find stories
  • Six types of stories and how to use them
  • Simple and effective ways to frame your stories
  • Story Banks and how to use them
  • Other types of evidence to complement your presentations

Everyone walked away with tools and techniques immediately implementable.

In 2016, Margaret Reynolds Shared: How to find the pivot point that can take your business to the next level.

Every successful entrepreneur works on two very important parts of their business: 1) how to improve what they already do—content, bookings and operations and 2) how to grow your business to the next level. Most people think the former leads to the latter and often, that just isn’t so. The first takes the majority of our time and often yields incremental results; the second has the potential to be transformational and take your success to a whole new level.  As leaders of our own business we have a responsibility to do both. Covered:

  • What is a pivot point and how do you find it?
  • What are the most common mistakes that hold people and companies back?
  • What are the essential steps in pursuing successful and significant growth?
  • What should I do tomorrow?

These principles work for multi-billion companies and solo entrepreneurs and everything in between who are willing to embrace the future and work smart!

Complete 2024 Opal Key Resort & Marina

Room Reservation Information

Reservations can be booked until Friday, November 1st 2024. Guests for the Cigar Peg Key West 2024 can book rooms at the Opal Key Resort & Marina arriving on December 2nd 2024 (12/02/2024) and departing December 6th 2024 (12/06/2024) at group rates starting at $385.00 USD per night plus 12.5% tax and applicable resort fees. (Note from Ed: Resort Fees waved in contract.)

Please make sure your guests put in the dates they are requesting.  The link will automatically default to the full length of stay of 12/02/2024 and 12/06/2024. 

A credit card is required to guarantee each reservation. Guests will have until seven (7) days prior to arrival to cancel their reservations without a penalty.

Guests can call reservations at 1.855.366.8045 with any questions.

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