2021 SpeakerFlow:

We want to offer up our Flow Zone CRM Package ($3,000 of value). This is our custom-built CRM for speakers and experts. It comes with the highest level of support, 4 coaching sessions of the period of 2-3 months, access to our CRM mastery course, and access to SpeakerFlow University, our social network for experts.

Bidding starts at $1,000 and graduates in $50 increments

2021 Russell Trahan, President, PR/PR Public Relations

One-article package, valued at $3,000, which includes:

Articles Placement: This service includes getting an article, written by you, published in trade, industry, and business association magazines as well as their online sources. The article will be published and posted by multiple magazines. The article will be pitched, tracked, and followed-up upon during an eight-week cycle.

PR/PR will work in the pursuit of publicity opportunities for you, which will include:

  • Following a review of your website, blog and other collateral, a brainstorming session is held with the entire PR/PR team to lay-out your article topic.
  • Formatting and editing assistance is offered as you draft the article.
  • We will hone your marketing message and create an up-to-date resource box, to be included at the end of the article. The resource box is a brief bio that contains your background information, such as credentials, books, company, contact information, and a call to action.
  • Once the article is finalized, individual contact is made with each magazine (via phone or e-mail) to pitch the article topic. When the editor requests the article, we will send them the full text, author’s resource box and author photo (if requested).
  • We will follow up with any article requests we receive and consistently update you with information on publish dates, copies, website links and tear sheets. Any copies we receive from the magazine will be forwarded on to you. On rare occasions, the publication will send copies directly to you.
  • Ongoing coaching will be offered on how to best market yourself to the associations corresponding to the placements you are receiving at the national, regional and local level, as well as to related associations.
  • A monthly PR activity report will be e-mailed and/or sent to you. It details the public relations activity for your account, including any pitches, article placements and publish dates for the previous month.

And to add icing to the cake: Russell will give you a ride in his Mine is a 1972 Coupe deVille, vintage Cadillac if you stop by to visit him in Orlando.

Bidding starts at $1,000 and graduates in $50 increments

2021 Amber Hurdle

$20,000-Nashville 2-Day VIP Branding Retreat & Photoshoot with Amber Hurdle

It’s time to uplevel your brand experience and have a work vacay!

Yep, you deserve to take just a few days off to escape the day-to-day operations to indulge in luxuries like dedicating focused time and energy on your brand…and of course some great food in America’s most fun city: Nashville. (Obviously.)

If you:

*Have mad skills and off-the-charts energy, but maybe don’t have super fabulous branding and marketing that attracts the right clients

*Desperately need updated headshots and editorial images

*Can’t seem to effectively communicate your vision when working with graphic designers, web designers, photographers or even the local newspaper ad guy

*Need help to decide what you REALLY want for your business brand (and let’s be real–for your life)

Then you need this VIP Branding Retreat!

You will work with Amber Hurdle, multi-award-winning and globally recognized branding pro, in the hottest city in the country, featuring one of the most talked about food scenes in the world.

When she’s not wining and dining you with her southern hospitality, she will lead you through exercises that will revamp (or perhaps simply enhance) your company culture, business brand, personal brand, and customer experience.

You will define your ideal customer, craft your brand standards, write copy for your website, create guidelines for your logo, create service standards, and she’ll even direct your photoshoot with her own personal business photographer extraordinaire, Jessica McIntosh…and more!

When you leave Nashville you will leave with a plan of action to take all of the necessary steps to next-level your business and life.


By the end of the VIP Brand Retreat you will have:

*A draft brand message guide

*Visual brand guide development content to turn over to graphic designer

*A completed photoshoot directed by Amber for social media, promo materials, and more with usage rights to your images

*A draft marketing plan

*A yummy dinner with a high probability of Bourbon (or wine…or whatever elixir you prefer)

Post-VIP Retreat Follow Up

*Amber will connect you with her team of graphic designers, web designers and marketing gurus to execute the changes we made to elevate your brand experience

*30 days of email access with one 50-minute follow up video conference calls to finalize your brand upgrade.

*One final review of your marketing plan to ensure you can prioritize and delegate long after you say, “Bye, y’all” to Nashvegas!

Are you ready to visit Music City to put a little new song into the heart of your business brand? Then this auction item is for you, so get to bidding!

Bidding starts at $2,000 and graduates in $100 increments


2021 Elaine Pasqua: Get Your Voice in Order

Our voices are our instruments. Without them, we can’t speak. When we can’t speak, there goes our livelihood! So many surprising factors contribute to our vocal health. Elaine learned this the hard way, needing vocal therapy for one year with Dr. Robert Satlaloff M.D., an internationally renowned vocal surgeon and specialist for the performing voice. Since then, she has been sharing effective strategies from his team and the International Voice Foundation with professional speakers; from vocal exercises, to diet, healthy day to day habits, and much more. She will even help you get your voice back when you have laryngitis in a non-traditional way! This hour and a half session is valued at $500.

Bidding starts at $100 and graduates in $25 increments


2021 Annie Meehan: YOUR OWN Personal Business Development Retreat in Florida

Annie’s mission is to help you BE THE EXCEPTION in today’s speaking world:

Stand out, work consistently, and be asked for more!

You will spend 3 days with Annie reviewing your Speaking Business.

This Retreat includes:

  • TWO nights’ accommodation in Annie’s Fort Myers condo
  • Annie’s Speaker Success workbook
  • All meals ?
  • An agenda that you set for a balance of work and relaxation time
  • One pre-retreat zoom meeting to customize your schedule
  • One post -retreat zoom call for accountability on action steps you have
    set to reach your goals

(You are on your own for transportation to and from Fort Myers, FL.

$3,500 value

Annie Meehan, CSP has credibility in building sustained success in the speaking biz! She:

  • Transformed her personal overcoming challenge experience into a high impact business.
  • Has 5 books and one Online Course
  • Facilitates a monthly Speaker Mastermind in it’s SEVENTH year
  • As President, presided over the New Speaker Academy for the MN NSA Chapter for two years

Bidding starts at $900 and graduates in $50 increments