Barred from Bidding at Cigar PEG Auctions


This really hurts…sometimes people make financial commitments at the Cigar PEG party during the auction then back out, leaving the Cigar PEG financially damaged!  It is truly hard to understand how a person can SCREW a charity that serves their industry.  However, to date, the below listed individuals have demonstrated their willingness to do so.  These people have bid the big bucks, get the accolades from their peers and then slink into the shadows.  It is unfortunate but the following persons have been Barred from Bidding at any Cigar PEG Party of other activity:

(2000) Nancy Nash, residing in Las Vegas. Nancy bid $6,500 for Patricia Fripp and later reneged .

(2005) Jerry Stein, residing in Atlanta. Jerry bid $9,500 for Randy Gage and later reneged.

(2006) Fred Gleeck, residing in Henderson, NV. Fred bid and won a week rental villa in Mexico ($2,500) and demanded to use it at a time when it was unavailable. He created such a stink for everyone involved that we refunded his money.

(2008) Jennifer Cummings (location unknown) bid $9,000 for Patricia Fripp and later reneged.

(2013) Dr. Jacqueline Sidman bid $7,500 for the Rick Frishman publishing packaged and reneged the next day.


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