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2020 Paid Benefactors:

  1. Terry Brock
  2. Dan Knight
  3. Joseph Curcillo
  4. Lisa Ryan
  5. Chuck Gallagher
  6. Bill Wallace
  7. Christine Morlet
  8. Eric Rozenberg
  9. Clint Maun
  10. Paul ter Wal
  11. Scott Lesnick
  12. Val Grubb
  13. Susan Fitzell
  14. Doug McPhee
  15. Aram Boyd
  16. Jeff Owens
  17. Greg Towne
  18. Annalisa Parent
  19. Aidan Crawford
  20. Judson Laipply
  21. Chris Price
  22. Russell Trahan
  23. Jan Spence
  24. Bill Humbert