Celebrating 20th Anniversary 1999-2019…CIGAR PEG PARTY & CELEBRITY AUCTION-Denver…the 2020 Party in DC Never Happened thanks to COVID

6:00 PM: Doors Open @ DiCicio’s

6-8 PM: Dinner

8:00 PM Dale Irvin Convention Update

8:15 PM: Eddie Award

8:35 PM: Celebrity Auction (Avish Parashar)

9:25 PM (ish): Cigar PEG 50/50 Raffle Winner announced (must be present to win)

9:30 PM to Midnight: Dancing with DJ, Rob Ferre

2019 Auctioneer:  Avish Parashar

2019 Emcee: Rob Ferre

The Cigar PEG Suite will open at Midnight

(Check out the 2019 Cigar PEG Benefactors listed at the bottom of the page.)