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Pre-Influence (Discounted) Regular Membership $125

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(Benefactor members are invited to Cigar PEG’s elite mastermind events, get a cool shirt for the annual charity auction, can have promo video posted at cigarpeg.com homepage, and are allowed to bring their spouse to the charity auction at no additional cost.)

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“Ed, you never fail to set your speaking peers up for success. Cigar PEG is the best investment I’ve made as a speaker.” -Amber Hurdle

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Cigar PEG, Inc., 1746 Calle Yucca, Suite 4, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 ♦♦♦

THE CIGAR PEG 2023 Registration

Pre-Influence Discounted (through 6/30/23) Regular Member: $125

Pre-Influence Discounted (through 6/30/23) Benefactor $500

Membership after 6/30/23

2023 Member: $150

2023 Benefactor: $600

The primary annual fundraising event for the Cigar PEG is its annual party and celebrity auction. The party offers a nightclub atmosphere including cabaret and adult humor. While all are invited to join, the Cigar PEG might not be for everybody…especially the easily offended. The Cigar PEG is a community of professional speakers and others that appreciate the camaraderie, relationships, and connection that the community provides.