AUCTION ITEM – Joel Block – The Ultimate Cash Machine

Joel Block offers some insights into his 2016 Cigar PEG auction item. You can read the detailed description here.

Scott Lesnick – Persistence

Scott Lesnick joins host Craig Price to discuss persistence.

Become a Benefactor

Laurie Brown joins host Craig Price to discuss the benefits of becoming a benefactor while Joel Block and Judson Laipply explain why they are Cigar PEG Benefactors.

Paul ter Wal – Employee Engagement

Paul ter Wal joins host Craig Price to discuss employee engagement.

Kristin Arnold – Panel Moderation

Kristin Arnold joins host Craig Price to discuss moderating panels.

Jill Schiefelbein – 2016 Raffle Items

Jill Schiefelbein joins host Craig Price to discuss the new raffle at this year’s party and some of the items included.

Jon Schwartz – Cooking with Vinnie

Jon Schwartz joins host Craig Price to discuss Cooking with Vinnie!

Niels Brabrandt – Leadership

Dr. Niels Brabrandt joins host Craig Price to discuss leadership and more.

AUCTION ITEM – Jon Tota – Knowledgelink VIP Launch Package

Jon Tota joins host Craig Price to showcase Knowledgelink VIP Product Launch Package for the 2016 Cigar PEG auction.

This auction item includes:

1. Knowledgelink Launch Package

Launch your online knowledge product on Knowledgelink and promote to your audience with an expertly designed marketing funnel.  Includes strategy consulting sessions with Jon Tota and lead page designs and development.  Our team will also prepare a social media framework to properly drive traffic into your marketing funnel and manage your first email marketing campaigns to generate opt-ins and engagement.


(3) 1-hour strategy sessions

(1) Product launch blueprint

(1) Marketing funnel with 4 lead pages

(4) Marketing emails with copy and design

(1) Social media framework

(1) Execution plan

Value: $7,500

2. Knowledgelink Subscription (1 year)

Gain a year of access to our easy to use marketing sites and online platform to create online courses, market your intellectual property, and sell your knowledge at the corporate and retail levels.

Value: $5,638

3.Knowledgelink Course Build Out

Our customer success team will work with you to set up your online courses, create marketing materials, branding materials, and your marketing website.

Value: $2,500

4. Subscription to Create a Course that sells 2.0

Acquire access to our online course that instructs you on the best practices to market and sell your online business.

Value: $1,500

Total Value: $17,138