NEXT SHOWCASE: March 25, 2021 Noon Eastern Time

Members of the Cigar PEG Philanthropy through Fun are primarily professional speakers. Ed Rigsbee’s goal is to bring together his two worlds (association executives & professional speakers). To thrive, each needs the other. Association and society decision makers are continually looking for fresh faces to offer their members. Not every “live” speaker can translate skills to virtual presentations. All of the speakers in this and future showcases are Certified Virtual Speakers.

Showcases last just over an hour…six speakers at 8 minutes and dose of humor at the end by professional summarizer, Dale Irvin, CPAE. Following the showcase is an optional show floor where each speaker will have a virtual booth for live interaction.

The platform used is ShowFloor. This showcase will also serve as your demo for the platform. ShowFloor will also have a virtual booth for you to get more information on the platform.

Information on speakers presenting in this showcase is located below the registration box.

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Showcased Speakers

Janice Litvin

Jan Spence

Amber Hurdle

Kelli Vrla

Bill Humbert

Bonny Llyn