2024 Virtual Speaker Showcase Will Be Quarterly


Speakers May Only Participate Once in 2024


2024 Live Virtual Keynote Speaker Showcases

All participants will automatically become nominees for the Cigar PEG’s 2024 Virtual Speaker Hall of Fame, to be decided by association executive & other showcase attendees in early December 2024. Additionally, all showcase participants get their own directory page following their showcase at https://virtualspeakershalloffame.org/speaker-directory/ and…

…to get this page, you must complete this Google Form: https://forms.gle/ZERjjHhYrbLerNdK9 – no form, no page! You will want to have a directory page because we promote the directory at a number of societies of association executives.

You can view Past Showcases

  • Six speaking slots are available at each showcase, with Dale Irvin offering a summary at the end.
  • Speaking time is 8 minutes, which includes the reading of your introduction. Speakers going over-time will have their microphones muted. This is a live event…NO VIDEO RE-DO.
  • Rehearsal: Speaker needs to be available for rehearsal (actual dates listed below), a few days before the showcase & 10 minutes before on show day and then for an additional 60 minutes to complete the showcase. 
  • The showcases will be viewed live by association/society executives and also recorded for later viewing.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice, and practice some more…THIS WILL BE YOUR PERMINATE VIRTUAL SPEAKERS HALL OF FAME VIDEO. In three years of recording these showcases, it has become very apparent to the organizers who had practiced and who thought they could wing it. Most of the speakers that thought they could wing it, were unhappy with their showcase videos. Better to practice and be awesome.
  • All participants will have a nomination page, including your showcase video, at https://virtualspeakershalloffame.org/ for your own personal promotional purposes.
  • All 2024 showcase participants will become 2024 Virtual Speaker Hall of Fame nominees with winners announced early December.
  • Important: Participation is first come, first served. Make your commitment to the project now. Please be sure, as you are reserving one of the very limited six showcase slots for the quarter you select.

  • We have tried to accommodate everyone, however change and transfer requests have gotten out of hand and, as such, are suspended.

    (Ed feels guilty about constantly bugging volunteers for Website re-dos)

  • Therefore, if you cancel, you will forfeit your payment. So sorry, but payments will not be transferred to a different quarter or to another speaker.

The Cigar PEG’s Live Virtual Keynote Speaker Showcases are democratic, meaning that everyone, regardless of any limitations can apply/register to participate. We welcome everyone and do not block anyone.
  • Pay button at bottom of page
  • Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Pre-Payment of:
  • $449: Non-Cigar PEG Member
  • $349: Cigar PEG Paid 2024 Member
  • $199: Cigar PEG High Roller & 2024 Benefactor
  • 8 minute talk (your intro is part of the 8 minutes)
  • Select the correct payment amount
  • Select at which showcase (date) you want to reserve your spot
  • You can reserve only one showcase spot in 2024.

2024 Registration Coming Soon–Non-Transferable, Non-Refundable

$449: Non Member
$349: 2024 Paid Member
$199: High Roller & 2024 Benefactor

Coming Soon

Use the below PayPal button. Be sure to select the correct payment amount and also the month in which you want to showcase.

Real Results for Speakers

I participated in the very first Cigar PEG Showcase and I’m so glad I did. Not only did I get an awesome video that I have shared with several hundred prospects and clients – which led to booking several speaking engagements, but I also closed one virtual speech at full fee and have had several other associations reach out to me. The engagement that I booked was in an industry that I would have never found on my own. The Cigar PEG showcase is a great way to promote yourself – not only to the attendees of the showcase, and the people who watch the recordings housed on the website, but you have one more video to share with your clients and prospects. As a speaker, you can NEVER have too much video! Thanks Ed, for the fantastic job you do in putting this together! -Lisa Ryan, CSP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hey Ed! I booked a gig to do the Keynote at ASPE. Found out they heard about me because you recommended me in Association executives group. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I truly appreciate it.

Thanks again, Avish Parashar, CSP

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ed, Just wanted to let you know that we are signing up a speaker that I found on one of your showcases – Dr. G. Hopefully, the “G” is for great. Thank you, Dave David Sjolander VP HTNG Operations ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Being a part of the Cigar Peg Showcase was a valuable investment. I secured a client for 6 months of virtual sessions and a half-day live event next year! I also have irons in the fire with other planners that will develop over time. Huge win! Thanks, Jan Spence, CSP

Registered Speakers for Showcases

February 23, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

Rehearsal February 20, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

  • Scott Cooksey

  • Brian Wagner

  • Kathy James

  • Janice Litvin

  • Mark Stiving

  • Open

April 20, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

Rehearsal April 17, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

  • Darcy Luoma

  • Bill Humbert

  • Vivian Cobb

  • Betty Rhoades

  • Kathryn Orford

  • Open

June 22, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

Rehearsal June 19, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

  • Sheryl Green

  • Kricket Harrison

  • Martin Limbeck

  • Laura Baxter

  • open

  • Open

August 24, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

Rehearsal August 21, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

  • Dave Rosenberg

  • Kricket Harrison

  • Lori King-Taylor

  • Bryce Austin

  • Open

  • Open

October 12, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

Rehearsal October 9, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

  • Bill Humbert

  • April Callis-Birchmeier

  • Aditya Guthey

  • Gregg Gregory

  • James Feldman

  • Erika Gilchrist

December 7, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

Rehearsal December 4, 2023 @ 9 AM Pacific Time

  • Diane O’Connell

  • Lori King-Taylor

  • Joe Curcillo

  • Raja Vaidya

  • Edie Raether

  • Kathryn Orford

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