Cigar PEG Basics for New(er) Members

  1. Cigar PEG is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, incorporated in the state of California. We have donated over $700,000 to various charitable causes we care about with nearly $400,000 going to the National Speakers Association Foundation earmarked for the Professional Speakers Benefit Fund. We are the largest single contributor to the NSA Foundation. We have been giving to the Foundation since 1999.
  2. Our big annual activity is at NSA’s Influence (summer)…we have a “members only” hospitality suite at the HQ hotel for the whole conference. We also hold our annual fundraising party one of the “free” evenings at Influence…tentatively on Sunday night in 2022. That’s why there are the years of crazy T-Shirts out there…the yearly T-Shirt is the ticket to get into the party. This is all included in your yearly membership.
  3. The (Noon Pacific Time) Wednesday-weekly Zoom check-in call is open to all Cigar PEG members.
  4. We also hold a couple mastermind events each year…there is an additional registration cost…generally around $300. These are for Benefactor and High Roller Members. To become a High Roller (life member) one has to have spent, collectively, $10,000 at our fundraising party auctions or has been sold as an auctioned celebrity for, collectively, $50,000. To become a Benefactor…it is $400-$600…depending when in the year purchased. In December, next year’s Benefactor membership is $400. In January, it is $500 and in July, it is $600. We generally have an early-winter (just after Thanksgiving) Benefactor Mastermind in Key West, FLand a spring Benefactor Mastermind in Las Vegas at the Mirage.
  5. We host Virtual Keynote Speakers Showcases(extra charge & open to anybody) with association executives as the audience. In 2022 they will occur every other month. All participants automatically become nominees for that year’s (2022) Virtual Speaker Hall of Fame. There is the end-of-the-year voting and 5 inductees are named in December.
  6. We do other things…randomly, however the above is the core of who we are and what we do.