This page is dedicated to Cigar PEG Life Members, those people that have spent at least $10,000 (cumulatively) at the Cigar PEG live Celebrity Auctions or have been auctioned as a Celebrity bringing in (cumulatively) $50,000.

The three ways to become a Cigar PEG High Roller member:

  1. Write a check to the Cigar PEG for $10,000

  2. Spend collectively $10,000 at the Cigar PEG Celebrity Auction(s)

  3. Be an auctioned celebrity that collectively brings in $50,000 to the Cigar PEG

For more information contact Ed Rigsbee – 805-498-5720 – 

2023 High Rollers:

Bryce Austin

Mark Stiving

Mark Levy

Dan Knight

Judson Laipply

2022 High Rollers:


Susan Fitzell

Joel Block

Jeremy Torisk

2021 High Rollers:

Jeff Owens

Joe Curcillo

2019 High Rollers:

Mary Kelly

Lisa Ryan –

2018 High Rollers:

Michelle Villalobos

Lindsay Adams

2017 High Rollers:

Tom Antion

Sierra Modro

Sima Dahl

2015 High Rollers:

David Newman

Marty Stanley

Bernadette Vadurro

Carolyn Strauss

2014 High Rollers:

Jill Schiefelbein

Martin Limbeck

Stephanie Vance

2013 High Rollers:

Peter Stark

Anne McKinney

Peter Brandl


2012 High Roller:

Margaret Reynolds

2011 High Rollers

Christine Morlet

Ford Saeks

Lynnette Thredgold

2010 High Rollers

Ronda Nelson (far right)

Dutch Mendenhall

2009 High Roller

CC Allen

2008 High Rollers

James Feldman

Stef du Plessis

Alan Weiss

2007 High Rollers

Paul “Stalkie” Stalker

Mimi Donaldson

2004 High Rollers (First Year)

Jeff Thredgold (Deceased)

Debra Pestrak

Ray Leone

Michael Staver