1999 Cigar PEG Photos

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Cigar PEG Is Born

1999 San Antonio, TX

Presidio Restaurant –
Presidio Plaza Building at 245 East Commerce Street – 210-472-2265

(If you have photos of the first Cigar PEG
party, please forward them to ed@cigarpeg.com,
Thank you.)

The Idea:

The idea of a Cigar PEG was
the alcohol brain child of Ed Rigsbee & Grant Doyle. It was spring
1998, Ed & Grant were sitting in a Banff, Alberta bar, enjoying the
finest Cubans that Canada had to offer. The two
decided it was time for fun-loving speakers to expand their convention
activity horizons. Since the Monday night activity at the NSA convention
had been suspended, this left a natural opening for the evening Cigar PEG
party. The first year in San Antonio was encouraging because of the huge
turn-out; all 72 Cigar PEG T-Shirts were sold in a matter of days.
Everybody in attendance had a fabulous evening. The Cigar PEG idea must
have come at the right time as the numbers have increased every year since
it’s inception.

For information or questions, contact Ed Rigsbee at 805-498-5720
or ed@cigarpeg.com  

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