Cigar PEG 2004 Party

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Jeff Blackman,



Cigar PEG 2004



Terry Brock
receiving hair implant from Cigar PEG Ambassador, Suze Baez

The Loaction:

Celebrities sold at auction:

Tony Alessandra – Tom Antion
– Max Dixon – Tim Gard – Andrea Gold – Alan Weiss

2004 Celebrity Auction

  • Tony Alessandra was purchased by Martin
    Scirratt & Dan Thurmon
  • Tom Antion was purchased by Ray Leone
  • Max Dixon was purchased by Bill Brooks,
    Ron Knaus & Debra Pestrak
  • Tim Gard was purchased by Teresa
    Gitomer & Dan Thurmon
  • Andrea Gold was purchased by Kit Grant,
    Jeff Thredgold & Linda Edgecombe
  • Alan Weiss was purchased by Jeff
    Thredgold & Michael Staver

For 2004,
the Cigar PEG’s contribution to the NSA Foundation-PSBF was $30,000.
Additionally, the Cigar PEG gave $30,000 to Laura’s Hope.


Special appearances by:

Vinny Verelli
– Linda Edgecombe –
Grady Jim Robinson
– Dale Irvin


2004 Party Photos by Robert Bradford:

2004 Party Photos by Hayley Foster:


2004 Party Photos by Dov Friedmann:

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