Cigar PEG 2005 Party in Atlanta Photos

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Cigar PEG
2005 Party in Atlanta


The 2005
Cigar PEG party was held in on Monday, July 11th  at
Loca Luna
. The
party featured a free martini bar for the first hour sponsored by Interlink

–In the
Cigar PEG "After-Hours" Suite–

Photos by
Russell White & Robert Bradford
the Cigar PEG

Hine, purchased by Jeff Thredgold & Kit Grant

Ray Leone,
purchased by Jeff Thredgold & Gregory P. Smith

Bill Brooks,
purchased by Debra Burrell & Scott Hunter

Stevenson, purchased by Gina Carr Kyle

auction for the ladies (but purchased by a guy) — Waldo Waldman, purchased
by Chris Widener

Randy Gage (Surprise
Appearance), purchased by Ray Leone & (second bidder reneged on his
contractual commitment)

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Jeff & Craig at Wrigley Field

Cigar Peg not only raised lots of money, put on a great party off site,
but I have to say that going to that Cigar Peg Suite every night until 3
AM was, without a doubt, the best part of the entire trip. 
Ed Rigsbee and Co. deserves A LOT of credit."
Ginsberg, Front Porch Productions, St. Louis, MO




We just wanted to thank you for
your hospitality at the NSA convention.  Kevin and I had a great
time at the Cigar Peg.  With two small children, we rarely get a
chance to kick back with friends.  I hope you were able to raise
some money and have some fun in the process.


us know if we can do anything for you.  Give us a call if you get
down to


and we’d love to go out for a bite.  Thanks, again!" –
Brewer, Creative Visions IMC

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate what a
class act you are and what a great job you did in Atlanta. You are doing
so much good not to mention the fact that you really know how to throw a
party and I really enjoyed it. Cigar Peg is the best part of NSA…its
real its fun its engaging and most of all it is having a positive
impact. I stand ready to help in any way you see fit."




for the photos Ed and for all of your hard work on this year’s event,
the past events, and the Cigar PEG in general.  The event this year
was fun and I always enjoy being a part of it."
-Mike Robbins




apologies for not gettnig back to you sooner complimenting you on
another outstanding job for the Cigar PEG in Atlanta.  It was a
great time and just what I needed. As before, going to the Cigar PEG was
the highlight of the whole damned convention in my view.  Without
the Cigar PEG, for this non-smoker, the convention would not as been as
-Terry Brock



"Ed another great
cigar peg…can’t wait til next year."
-Jeffrey Hansler, CSP


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