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Bid on Tom
Antion’s $20K, Instant…Product Web Site Development Offer

Full Day Retreat Plus Customized Extras


  1. Prior phone
    consultation with Tom to review what you currently have going and to set
    goals for your visit.

  2. Arrive the
    afternoon before at Norfolk International Airpor (Limo Pickup)

  3. Arrive at
    the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center (Tom’s Home)

  4. Dinner with
    Tom to discuss Goals

  5. Stay at the
    Retreat Center that evening (Must tolerate two German Shepherd Personal
    Protection Dogs)

  6. Next
    morning Start on a product website of your choice (Some prep
    done before arrival and work on it throughout the day.)

  7. Shoot video
    in Tom’s studio (either a bunch of YouTube videos to drive traffic, welcome
    video for your site and/or Interview video where Tom Interviews you about
    your topic)

  8. Lunch with

  9. Custom
    training the rest of the day based on Tom’s prior review of your goals and

Topics Tom is Expert in:

=> Internet Marketing,   

=> Professional
Speaking, and

=> Entrepreneurship.

Or his subject matter
experts will also be available:

$$…Marc on Video marketing,

$$…Timberley – Social Media,

$$…Nick – Websites and

$$…Shannon – Websites

$$…Kendra – Publicity

Depart Via Limo
or with Tom either to local hotel (if you want to spend a few days at the beach)
or to Norfolk International Airport

All you have to
do is get to Norfolk International Airport on your own. You have no expenses at
all during your stay other than an inexpensive hosting account or if you
purchase software and equipment based on what you learn or if you want ecommerce
connected to your site.

Value of
Package $20,000.00

You’ll Get:

  • A
    stay at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center, . . .the only facility
    of it’s kind in the world.

  • A custom
    website that you can operate yourself . . .You’ll never be strangleholded by
    a web designer again.

  • Hi Def
    Videos shot and edited in Tom’s studio . . . we’ll also teach you pro level
    video production tips and tricks.

  • A
    customized Internet Marketing plan with as much instruction as you can
    handle….You’ll get all your questions answered and ·taught things you
    didn’t even know to ask.

  • Professional
    Speaking Tips that have made Tom Millions . . .If you want Tom will discuss
    with ·you both business and onstage performance tips.

  • Airport
    Transfers . . .no worries on getting to and from the ·center.

  • Meals
    with Tom . . .Well right there is the biggest benefit. Tom has vowed not to
    steal food off your plate while you are there…Tom is a big guy with a big

  • A few dog hairs in your
    luggage . . . (at no extra charge)
  • And like anyone who deals
    with Tom knows. . . You’ll get much, much more!


Tom’s Bio

Tom Antion, AKA
The King of Ka-Ching", has been a professional member of NSA since 1991. He
is past president of the National Capital Area Chapter. Tom has done training
sessions and fundraisers for NSA Chapters and affiliates in 7 countries 98 times
over the past 21 years. (He thinks that must be some kind of record).

Tom hit
multimillionaire status around the year 2000 only 4 years after he started
making money on the web. He now mixes a few speeches a year with his high end
mentor program
 to help speakers,
coaches and consultants learn to use the web in a big way.

Recently Tom
has taken on the role of consumer advocate with his documentary and TV show in
development called SeminarScammers. You can see the trailer at

(The small print: winning
bidder has one year from the date of auction to utilize this service. Any travel
and lodging will be at winning bidder’s expense. Be respectful of Cigar PEG
Celebrity’s time. This person donated the service and receives no financial remuneration
for the service.)

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