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One-Year Do It! Marketing Super VIP Package from David Newman

Four QUARTERLY 1-day in-person live meetings at David‘s home office in Philadelphia (or Skype if you prefer) plus a full year of personalized coaching, consulting, and implementation guidance. CSP and CPAE speakers have paid up to $24,000 a year to work with David at this level – and those did not include ANY in-person time!
DAY 1: Marketing
Strategy Day.
 We’ll figure out and/or refresh your branding,
naming, and messaging. What to say and how to say it. We’ll go through all
your marketing material – website, one-sheets, program descriptions, books,
information products, everything. The goal: Establishing your expertise in
front of the RIGHT target markets and build out your 12-month game plan for identifying,
targeting, and reaching out to the best prospects, clients, customers, and
sponsors so you get more clients and make more money
As a result of our time on Day
1, you will:
  • Double or triple your fees while also raising your closing ratio
  • Go into Buying Rehab: Stop trying to spend your way out of a marketing slump
  • Beat Advertising Addiction: Stop wasting money on the least effective forms of marketing for your particular business model
  • Analyze the types of marketing activities that fit your unique personality, strengths, and preferences
  • Build (or rebuild) a detailed marketing “blueprint” with
  • hand-selected marketing activities and tasks that you’ll actually enjoy doing
  • Increase perceived value so you’re considered a partner – not a “peddler”
  • Tailor a questioning plan and set specific goals for every phase of your marketing conversations
  • Gain an understanding of your prospect’s real issues and help solve them
  • Anticipate buyer behavior to prevent fence-sitting and stalls
  • Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that brings results daily
  • Use marketing and selling strategies to attract clients and customers to your
  • expertise, regardless of price and regardless of your competitive environment

Leave Day 1 with knowing (and DOING) exactly needs to be done (finally!) to create a permanent foundation for your entrepreneurial success

DAY 2: Presentation Day. Bring your A game and we’ll take it apart, rebuild it and make your presentation ROCK – and rock solid. We’ll include audience interaction, content fine-tuning, a killer opening, a killer close, staging, props, and visuals. What the hell does David Newman
know about presentation coaching? Just what he learned working as a professional stage director in NYC for four years. And, as it turns out, he also holds an MFA in professional theater directing. Who knew? Ready to turn your presentation into a performance? This is the day it will happen.


As a result of our time on Day 2, you will: 
  • Exude confidence and gain audience trust
  • Create a sincere rapport with your audience
  • Expertly turn a “speech” into part “conversation” and part “performance” 
  • Use eye-contact, gestures and timing for maximum effect 
  • Effectively deliver information from the screen to your audience 
  • Save endless hours of preparation before  your next presentation
  • Handle (and profit from) tough questions
  • Use humor safely and effectively
  • Deliver subtle sales messages so your audience knows how to invest with you
  • Create surefire in-room strategies to build your email list ethically
  • Engage audience members in value-rich follow-up that leads to sales

Leave Day 2 with a rock-solid, well-practiced program plus video of multiple run-throughs and performance notes so you’ll remember everything you learned including every bit of advice and coaching I give you

DAY 3: Book Publishing Day. Got a book? Great, we’ll kick it up a notch. No book? We’re about to fix that. You’ll get the specific strategies, insights, templates and tools that made David‘s latest book, Do It! Marketing an amazon #1 bestseller and sold over 9,000 copies in
less than 7 months. The secret? He didn’t do it alone. And neither will YOU.You’ll get sample proposals, marketing emails, scripts, and cheat sheets so that 80% of the work is done for you.  We’ll lay out your specific flight plan for your book – what to do and how to do it from 6
months before publication to many months (or years) after to revitalize your book sales OR to help you get it right the first time and give your book the audience, endorsements, reviews, sales and recognition it deserves.  
As a result of our time on Day 3, you will: 

Sell More Books WITHOUT breaking the bank with

  • expensive paid advertising, phony amazon bestseller campaigns or
  • crazy-expensive “book publicists”


  • What to Do at Every Step so
  • that you build your “book marketing machine.” We’ll cover
  • everything from how to get high-profile book endorsements from
  • well-known experts; how to capture email addresses to build your list;
  • how to garner dozens of 5-star amazon reviews and the KEY book marketing
  • strategies you need BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your book is published


  • the EXACT Templates, Scripts, Emails, Announcements, and Followup
  • Marketing Messages I
  • used to sell over 9,000 books in 7 months, gain major media coverage
  • with reviews and interviews (see this
  • link), and continuously stay in the Top 10 amazon rankings since my
  • book’s publication

Start Building Systems that

  • will support your book AND your business as it grows so that you get up
  • every day knowing EXACTLY how to invest your time, money, energy, and resources to generate RESULTS. (Yes, we’ll talk about social media, blogging, articles, and how to build your marketing and editorial calendars to maximize your success!)
  • Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that fits YOU, your book, and your particular strengths, personality and preferences AND sells your books, programs, and services – month after month, year after year. (We’ll also explore how your book might be a great candidate for bulk book sales to associations, corporations, and non-profit groups. And you’ll get the pitch letter template and specific instructions on using it!)

Leave Day 3 with a clear game plan for your book marketing success – either
for your current book OR for a new book that you’ll write, market, and
sell to promote your expertise in front of the clients who matter most. 

DAY 4:
Content Marketing Day.
 If content is king, then monetizing your content is the kingdom. After our morning brainstorming and whiteboard session, you’ll have a complete blueprint for your content marketing strategy – blogs, articles, videos, interviews, webinars and even where to pitch articles for offline publication (sample emails and templates included). Then we’ll build out your editorial calendar and marketing calendar so you say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion because you know exactly what needs to happen when. In our last couple of hours together, we’ll record several expert audio interviews featuring YOU as the expert and several short video segments that you can use on your website, blog, and in your marketing toolkit. 
As a result of our time on Day 4, you will: 
  • Continually generate new ideas relevant to your target market
  • Produce high-quality content more efficiently and with less stress
  • Keep your brand top of mind by becoming a top-notch curator
  • Increase the frequency with which your content gets shared
  • Grow your community of prospects, customers, subscribers and fans
  • Gather and filter ongoing insight on your most valuable customers
  • Get valuable tips on how to create content your customers will care about
  • Use 15 to 30 minutes of on-deadline research to give you enough content ideas for a month—and places you’ve never considered to do that research
  • Set up social media monitoring tools to deliver content ideas and sources to you on a regular basis
  • Discover how to create content that people can’t help but share
  • Build a blueprint for producing audio content such as a podcast or web radio show 
  • Deploy visual content that is 30x more effective than text
  • Use email and blogging to boost your content performance

Day 4 with a complete content marketing calendar and the strategies, tactics, and tools to connect your content marketing efforts with your overall business objectives. You’ll also leave with 2-3 completed videos and 2-3 audio segments showcasing your professional expertise plus a complete resource list for quickly and inexpensively producing audio, video, visual, and article content for the next 12 months.  

In between
our quarterly live, in-person VIP days,
you’ll have full access to David for ongoing advice, guidance, and feedback via regularly scheduled calls and personal email access. This
marketing coaching alone is worth $30,000 because David‘s private clients pay $7500 every 90 days. Don’t miss this opportunity to build out EVERYTHING you need for a bullet-proof marketing empire all in one comprehensive package. 
David Newman :: Tel (610)
Author of Do
It! Marketing
 :: Amazon
#1 bestseller for executives and entrepreneurs 
want to win more business, more easily and more often
Resources Below – Ranging from FREE to PRICELESS:
speaker :: Marketing help
nuts-and-bolts, and loaded with valuable strategies, tools, and
tactics. If people didn’t leave the room with $30,000 or $40,000 of
value, they must have been sleeping!!”   

Steve Horner, Founder, Consultants Forum

(The small print: winning
bidder has one year from the date of auction to utilize this service. Any travel
and lodging will be at winning bidder’s expense. Be respectful of Cigar PEG
Celebrity’s time. This person donated the service and receives no financial remuneration
for the service.)

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