Online Product Development Strategy in New York City with Jill Schiefelbein…Valued @ $18,000

Jill Schiefelbein, Cigar PEG 2015 Auction Celebrity

Jill Schiefelbein, Cigar PEG 2015 Auction Celebrity

Turn your content into money-making online products. Online Product Strategy in NYC with Jill Schiefelbein.

Take your existing training program or keynote program and transform it into a webinar-based or online-workshop product for an additional revenue stream.

Jill provides: curriculum design, delivery strategies, technology recommendations and marketing input to leverage your IP.
Here’s how it works:
Once you win the auction for this package, we’ll set a couple of pre-meeting calls. The first one will get you thinking about your content and give you tons of ideas. You’ll mill those around and decide how you want to use your day in NYC. Once you’ve figured out what content we are going to transform, we’ll have another pre-meeting call and iron everything out, to make sure you come prepared to maximize your time and get the most benefit. This will also include sending Jill content prior to the meeting, so she can evaluate it and get to brainstorming money-making brilliance.
Once you get to NYC, you’ll be working with a 10-year curriculum development veteran who’s worked on programs in 30+ areas. Together you’ll set a framework for your webinar and/or online training product, develop curriculum, design a layout, and discuss training strategies (for both synchronous and asynchronous options). You’ll get advice in selecting technology and platforms based on your existing systems to minimize cost, and you’ll get lessons in effective mediated communication for consumer engagement.
Note: This goes far beyond how to run webinars as a sales engine. We can also go through that. This is taking proven content and re-conceptualizing it for the online environment in a way that can be synchronous, asynchronous, and profitable!
Let’s give you an example.
Robert Cialdini, author of the world-wide bestselling book Influence: The Science of Persuasion, hired Jill to transform his company’s two-day face-to-face workshop into a trainer-led webinar format, so his certified training team could generate revenue in both face-to-face and online environments. The end result: An online product developed in a modular format for client flexibility, enabling trainers to work with more clients, reduced travel. The best part? The selling price is the EXACT SAME as the face-to-face workshop, without all of the time/travel overhead. And Jill can help you do the same!
If you’re the lucky auction winner of this package, you get:
  1. Two pre-session calls to (1) get you thinking and (2) get you prepared to capitalize on the day.
  2. A full day in NYC (9am-5pm) where you will walk away with a fully-developed product and curriculum plan, an outline of deliverables, technology recommendations, materials design guidance, a training outline, and loads of other ideas on how to re-purpose your existing content.
  3. Weekly 30-minute progress calls for 90 days following your session, to make sure things are on track, to ask questions, and to review content.
  4. Final product review–a full review of your content, guidance for final edits, marketing tips, and a full run-through practice of your program with coaching given along the way.

$18,000 value

(Travel to and from NYC and lodging is responsibility of auction winner.)

(The small print: winning bidder has one year from the date of auction to utilize this service. Any travel and lodging will be at winning bidder’s expense. Be respectful of Cigar PEG Celebrity’s time. This person donated the service and receives no financial remuneration for the service.)