Hayley Foster, Short Talk Expert®  “Mastering the Magic of TED” Auction Package: 

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Hayley Foster

Have you ever dreamed of giving a compelling short talk like the ones you’ve seen on TED – but don’t know where to start?

By winning this package, you will receive:

Your unique and powerful message, ready for the TEDx stage, or any other high stakes venue.

This comprehensive coaching package will:

Identify the original idea you were meant to share

  • Create and hone unique content
  • Prep compelling visuals
  • Polish your delivery
  • Provide insider tips to adeptly guide you through this process
  • Teach you the mistakes professional speakers make so you won’t make them!

An original TEDx organizer, Hayley has coached hundreds of TEDx and short talk presenters, including over a hundred talks by speaking professionals. NSA clients include Willie Jolley, Stephen Shapiro, Neen James, Patrick Henry, Sam Horn, Jim Cathcart, Mike Rayburn and dozens more. Hayley was the designated Speaker Coach for six TEDxNASA events, and has had three talks rise to TED.com.

This Cigar PEG Auction includes Speaker Coaching Extras like:

  • Assistance with vetting TEDx events
  • Pitching an idea that stands out
  • Creating a kick-ass application
  • Writing the best brief bio
  • Composing the talk description
  • Titling the talk
  • Positioning the talk
  • Advice on appropriate attire

Short talks and TEDx talks can catapult your business. Creating and delivering the talk is only the beginning. Hayley’s experience will ensure you leverage it to its best advantage. The benefits of the coaching process pay dividends deep into your business long after the talk is done.

You will also receive Hayley’s popular Minibuk, Don’t Tank Your TED Talk: 12 Mistakes Professional Speakers Make which distinction expert Scott McKain says, “ should be used as a guide, for all speakers, for all talks.”

Hayley Foster

Short Talk Expert®
11712 Jefferson Ave, Suite C430
Newport News, VA 23606
 (The small print: winning bidder has one year from the date of auction to utilize this service. Any travel and lodging will be at winning bidder’s expense. Be respectful of Cigar PEG Celebrity’s time. This person donated the service and receives no financial remuneration for the service.)