Joel Block’s Make the Big Bucks through Seminars and High-Priced Advisory Services; Total How To Do Package

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The Ultimate Cash Machine

Joel Block 2016 Cigar PEG Auction Celebrity

Joel Block 2016 Cigar PEG Auction Celebrity

Are you hustling gigs or are you building a business? I mean the kind of business where the business comes to you and where you are earning $2k to $5k per hour. Most speakers, even the most successful ones, rarely get into this ballpark.

The founder of the Bullseye Capital Fund, Joel Block will help you build a speaking and advisory services sales funnel and model that guarantees accelerated, reoccurring income.

You are already a great speaker; now insert that into a sustainable speaking model…one where you are not chasing gigs every day.

“Most professional speakers are really good at speaking…

….and really bad at business.

My Ultimate Cash Machine will give you two things:

Number One: you will learn how to sell very high-priced advisory services to your audiences.

And Number Two: whatever audience you are speaking to….

… you will be able to spot your perfect prospects so easily that they will almost seem to glow in the dark.

The package I am offering gives you Unlimited Access to me for 4 months.

Together, we are going to build your own Ultimate, Non-Stop Cash Machine for selling Advice.

Here’s what we are going to do:

  • We will develop a Business Model that maximizes your cash flow.
  • We will build your sales funnel to make sure that the cash
  • I will teach you my closely guarded “Snake Charmer” flow is continuous.
  • And finally, technique for plucking perfect prospects out of the crowd.

For one person in this room….

…today will be the luckiest day of your life.

I am all about getting more business…

…and more MONEY.

So please, PLEASE…

…DO NOT bid on this if you are not interested in those two things.

I don’t want anyone to screw up my batting average.” -Joel

Joel Block is a hedge fund manager who has spent his career raising money and investing in venture capital and other deals. Joel was bursting with stories that he knew corporate America would love and he set his eyes on speaking professionally in 2005. By 2009, when no one would hire Joel to speak, he hired himself and set up a seminar business that has ballooned to over $1MM annually.

Do you think a guy like Joel knows a thing or two about making money?

Joel says that big money is all about mastering the business model. It’s about moving the customer through a series of steps, each one with escalating value. Value is delivered to the client in return for cash payments to the business (though in Joel‘s world, he also likes taking stock from time to time). Big money is not about wishful thinking, a positive mental attitude or spending your weekends with seminar junkies. It’s about your focus, your funnel and your business model. Joel calls his funnel and business system the “Ultimate Cash Machine”.

Building out the system requires a knack, but selling the steps once they are properly laid out is a piece of cake. Clients will be begging for your solution once you strategically conceive it just right. And finding more of exactly the right clients will happen almost by itself. If you find this hard to believe, then you are probably leaving most of the money on the table.

The speaking business is generally built around a terrible model because it requires constant hustling and chasing, and it doesn’t create substantial recurring income, let alone, residual income. Of course after you have been doing it for years, you might produce some “low hanging fruit”.

The Ultimate Cash Machine will pay dividends for the rest of your career. Catapult yourself to a new level by combining speaking with advisory services. There is a specific formula Joel uses to move deeper and deeper with clients, while taking larger and larger fees at each level.

As soon as Ed Rigsbee learned Joel‘s formula (over a cigar in Joel‘s personal Man Cave), he asked Joel to offer to help one Cigar PEG member learn the formula and build out the model. That member will be determined at our annual auction.

You might be wondering, how many speakers have hired Joel to learn how to do this? Zero.

How many speaker clients does Joel have? Zero.

Joel doesn’t sell his services to speakers. He only advises other hedge fund managers so you can just imagine how much they pay for that. Joel‘s system works regardless of who your clients are.

How many hedge fund and syndication managers has Joel worked with – each of whom makes millions? Over 100. And how does he get these clients?

Joel uses his Ultimate Cash Machine.

Joel‘s clients are all in real estate, but he doesn’t give any of them real estate advice. Joel is all about the money and the strategies to create more money. By creating better structures, any business can produce 3 to 10 times more profit. This is also true for speakers. Better selling structures will help you sell more – at higher prices. Don’t expect any speaking advice from Joel. He won’t critique your skills or suggest how to polish up your stories. Joel is only about the money, and he will provide you with models and methods that may shock you.

Joel doesn’t sell coaching. Why would he coach people on how to run their businesses when he makes 10 times the fees he would charge by actually running his own businesses? Don’t you want guidance from somebody who does exactly what he tells you to do? If so, Joel is your man.

The only place a speaker can get advisement from Joel is at the Cigar PEG. And he’s not going to just hand over a bunch of notes on what to do to create the same kind of Ultimate Cash Machine that he runs for himself. He will work with you to customize the system for your own needs. That is one-on-one, by phone with Joel. It’s pretty hard to get the attention and private advisement from a guy like Joel.

The payoff for your investment with Joel should be 20 to 1 if not more, and if you don’t make 20 to 1, then you aren’t doing what he tells you to do. You may be amazed at your potential once you unlock it.

Join us at the Cigar PEG. Whether you bid on Joel or not, you will have a blast. Video Describing Issues with the New CrowdFunding Rules–20 minutes and is representative of what he shares–audience is mostly made up of hedge fund entrepreneurs.

(The small print: winning bidder has one year from the date of auction to utilize this service. Any travel and lodging will be at winning bidder’s expense. Be respectful of Cigar PEG Celebrity’s time. This person donated the service and receives no financial remuneration for the service.)