Register for the 2016 Cigar PEG Mastermind

This event is an invitation-only Cigar PEG Mastermind event…limited to 20 participants. Cigar PEG Staff, High Rollers, and Benefactors are invited. There will be no charge for this event but a “performance deposit” will be required.

The event is modeled similar to the Cigar PEG Advanced Speaker Schools from days past…three half-days of morning content. And afternoons…free for networking, shopping, or small group sessions. How it will be different from past events is that there will be no “invited speakers” but rather content will be provided by those that register for the event…and content will also be selected by those that register by late summer.

Register for the Key West Event:

The “performance deposit” is $500 and it will be returned to you in December if you:
  • Submit a content proposal of your expertise that would be helpful to your colleagues by September 1, 2016.
  • Book and pay for your sleeping room within the Cigar PEG block for three nights.
In September, all the content proposals will be submitted to all those registered at the time. We will have nine speaking slots…three each, of the three days. Everyone registered will vote for the content most important to them.
This is an opportunity to learn, discuss, debate, dissect, and challenge assumptions with your fellow Cigar PEG colleagues. It will be a level playing field—everyone pays their own way and submits a performance deposit. The size of this event will be somewhat limited by those who are invited: Staff, High Rollers & Benefactors.
Location: Westin Key West. We can get a rate of $229 a night of we are there: 11/29-12/ Tuesday out Friday.
Here’s the deal…if ten people are willing to make a commitment by June 1, the event will be a GO. If not, the idea will be scrapped and your deposit will be refunded in June.

Currently Registered:

Dan Knight