Michelle Villalobos’ “Become a Superstar Speaker” VIP Package

Michelle Villalobos will personally support you to ​align your speaking business with your strengths, gifts, life purpose and lifestyle goals. To this end, together you will map out ​your “​Superstar Speaker Strategy​,” the same strategy that she has used to take her ​speaking-driven ​retreat, mastermind & event business to 7 figures in 14 months, ​and keep it growing steadily from there for 2 years.
You will attend one of her 3 annual Superstar Speaker Academy 3-day intimate (about 15-20 people) immersion retreats, and then spend a day with her (either all at once, or split into 2 parts, in person or virtually) to fine tune your ​branding and marketing plan with her unique insights and wisdom. 
During your 3-day immersion, you will: 
  • Create or refine your business to generate back-end monthly recurring revenues from speaking
    ​using a retreat + group coaching/mastermind ​model, and a possible virtual program + membership model
  • Learn to generate sales/clients from any stage – without “pitching” anything
  • Walk away with a 1 year strategic roadmap, complete with clear messaging, positioning and pricing, plus a 90-day action plan
  • ​Learn a new sales process and conversation structure to substantially increase your conversions when selling engagements, programs and packages, with integrity​

During your full day with Michelle you will ​ dive even deeper to:​

  • Identify new and highly leveraged revenue streams from the work you’re already doing
  • Fine tune your marketing and messaging to attract ​IDEAL clients (and hone in who those are in the first place!)
  • Map out a new keynote designed to generate opportunities (without​”​ selling ​from the stage”)

Michelle’s unique approach to the speaking business is that you can make millions speaking – even if you’re speaking ​for free ​ – and that the best kind of speaker business is one that is highly leveraged to deliver both lifestyle ​AND impact. A superstar business ​creates prosperity and abundance, while being FUN and FULFILLING, if it’s not, then you’re doing it wrong.

I​f you DON’T want to spend your life on an airplane. If the idea of 100 keynotes a year sounds EXHAUSTING, and if you’d prefer to find a leveraged, scalable way to monetize speaking, then Michelle has the experience and strategy to get you there.
Here’s what some of Michelle’s clients say about working with her: 

“When I started, I was trading time for money and not reaching the right audience. In 4 months since ​[working with Michelle,​]​ I now have packages, better branding and switched my delivery model. As a result​…​ I am looking forward to at least a 50% increase​ [in revenues]​ this year!”​Pilar Ortiz, Talent, Speaker, Communications Expert & Coach

​”It’s hard to believe just shy of a year ago I was quietly sitting in that overcrowded breakout session ​[at NSA] ​while you stirred up a storm of excitement in the crowd, thinking ​’​oh man, this is the answer I’ve been looking for​…’ Specifically what I want to thank you for is that I’m finally so relaxed about what I’m doing​…​ In my off hours, evenings, etc., I realize now that I was always haunted just under the surface by an elusive feeling of being unsatisfied, which robbed me of the joy of simply being. More and more I now feel that this smothering blanket has been lifted and is dissipating. What a relief! Thank you so much, I didn’t imagine, couldn’t have imagined that I’d be receiving all of this when we first met​… ​What a gift you are and have been to me.​”​ Love Albert​. — Albert Pelissier, Expedition Leader – Exploring Midlife as Adventure​, Creator of ​Grow Up, Don’t Blow Up! Seminars & Retreats for Men​

Retail Price: $17,500