Strategic Coaching Session in Rhode Island with Alan Weiss, CSP, CPAE, Ph.D.

What would you pay to be interviewed in Alan Weiss’s new book? That would be priceless, if not impossible.

Perhaps it is possible?

The high bidder for Alan at the 2024 Cigar PEG Celebrity auction has a chance.

His package is dinner in a great restaurant, and the following morning, 9-12 at his home, a strategic coaching session on the business’s future potential. The transportation, of course, will be in his Rolls. Value on a private basis: $25,000. Can be used any mutually-convenient time within 12 months of your auction.

Here is the gold!

If the bidding reaches $20,000, he’ll guarantee an interview by him in his next book in 2025 (release dates are up to the publisher) on personal character and business success.