Special 2024 NSA Membership Offer: All 10 Have Been Sold

You should have already heard by now that Cigar PEG will be a Diamond sponsor of NSA in 2024. We will be celebrating our 25th year. The price Cigar PEG will pay for this sponsorship is $50,000. If we pay by January 31, 2024, we get a $5,000 discount. One of the features of this sponsorship is “NSA Memberships” and we have 10…to be distributed as we like.

The Cigar PEG is offering these one-year memberships to High Rollers first. The regular 2024 NSA membership at https://nsaspeaker.org/join/#membership is $950. Cigar PEG is offering you 2024 NSA membership for $800…a $150 savings. Selling these 10 memberships will help us in paying for the 2024 Diamond Sponsorship.

This is first come, first served. On December 26, any memberships remaining will be offered to Cigar PEG Benefactors.

All 10 discounted 2024 NSA memberships have been for $800 each. Thank you for your continued support.

  1. Bryce Austin
  2. Lisa Ryan
  3. Susan Fitzell
  4. Jeff Owens
  5. Mike Staver
  6. Terry Brock
  7. Gina Carr
  8. Jan Spence
  9. Randy Otto
  10. Ken Blackwell