You asked…we deliver. The 2022 Holiday Edition Virtual Speaker Showcase December 15 @ 9 AM Pacific Time


Register to be a showcase attendee:


The Cigar PEG’s regular every-other-month 2022 Virtual Speaker Showcases are sold out. 

Here are the Holiday Edition particulars:

  • This showcase is only available to 2022 Paid Cigar PEG Members
  • No limits on who can showcase…number of past or future showcase participation is irrelevant
  • There will be a total of twelve, 8-minute showcase speaking slots available
  • Once 12 slots are sold…registration will close…Event Sold Out, Registration Closed
  • Participants will be nominees for 2023 Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame
  • Participation investment fee will be the same as the 2023 showcases: Benefactor-$149 / Member-$199
  • If you register and then cancel, you forfeit your investment
  • You will get your own video page at
  • The Cigar PEG is heavily promoting the Virtual Speakers Hall of Fame Directory at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)
  • There will be a showcase rehearsal on Monday, December 12 @ 9 AM Pacific Time…it is crucial that you attend
  • This is a live showcase, association executives watch…and more importantly, your video lives in the directory for many more association executives to view

Showcase Sold Out


  1. Chuck Gallagher
  2. Jamie Champagne
  3. Richard Malencon
  4. Lisa Ryan
  5. Nora Burns
  6. Valerie Grubb
  7. Thom Singer
  8. Kricket Harrison
  9. Robert Bradford
  10. Mitch Seehusen