Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE, Jim Feldman, CSP & Aidan Crawford:  ChatGPT & AI for Mastering Your Collateral Materials, Newsletters, & Website

Revolutionize your professional landscape, harness the limitless potential of artificial intelligence, and position yourself for unparalleled success with three NSA titans who will leverage the power of AI to make your business smarter, faster and more profitable. 

Star Power The combined power of AI and the unmatched talent of Terry Brock, CSP, CPAE James Feldman, CSP, and Aidan Crawford. is a game-changer. Their collective wisdom ensures you receive unparalleled insights tailored to your unique circumstances. Benefit from their tailored coaching and consulting, tapping into their collective expertise to navigate your challenges and seize the opportunities AI presents. 

This special package is valued between $30,000-$50,000.

Imagine the impact of harnessing ChatGPT and other AI capabilities while benefiting from the wisdom and guidance of these three esteemed advisors.

It’s Personal. Forget canned, generic training. You get direct access to Terry, Jim and Aidan as a group and individually for up to a year as they help you re-invent your business in the age of AI. 

It’s Actionable. Our unholy trinity will personally review your existing content and strategies and show you how you can integrate AI to get on more stages…faster

It’s Virtual. Everything is on Zoom. 

Key Deliverables

  1. We’ll start with a Zoom discovery session, where our trio of celebrity geniuses and yourself  (or your designated associate) examine what you are currently doing and look for opportunities where AI would work best to address the main challenges you are facing. This will be about 1 hour. 
  2. Your three amigos will then meet separately to come up with a plan of action.
  3. Once this group of Marvel(ous) Avengers has a plan they’ll work with you individually to make this plan a reality
  4. Over the following 6 months you will have 5 hour-long calls with each of the celebrities to make sure everything is executed.
  5. At the end of the program we will all reconvene for another 1.5 hour Zoom to wrap things up and deliver a final set of recommendations

Secure this extraordinary auction item and unlock a world of possibilities driven by the power of artificial intelligence. The highest bidder will be granted access to a transformative collaboration with not one, but three esteemed advisors who will propel your AI journey to new heights. Prepare to transform your professional path and elevate your business like never before.

From Aidan

Content creation and ideation through AI

  • learn how to use AI Video, Audio and text tools to make your content more compelling to decision makers. 
  • Work with you to create some actual content!

From Terry

  • Discover how to get the max out of tools like ChatGPT,  Perplexity, Canva, Castmagic and more
  • Create real-world posts, visuals, and audio (if appropriate) to generate more business

From Jim

  • Establishing a clear competitive differentiation
  • Defining your specialization and expert positioning
  • Gaining insights on target market and client acquisition
  • Increasing efficiency and improving business results



No refunds. Winners have one-year to take advantage of the donated services won in the auction. Use it or lose it on 7/15/24.