Crushing It at Your TEDEx Talk with Frank King

  • Find the links to apply for a TEDx Talk.
  • Discover your “idea worth sharing”.
  • Align your message with the specific TEDx Theme.
  • Write your title and subtitle.
  • Uncover where and when TEDx talks take place
  • Perfect your written pitch to the TEDx community.
  • Create a compelling video pitch.
  • Apply in a way that stands out.
  • Videotape your 1-2 minute pitch and put it up on YouTube.
  •  Rewrite and polish your submission.

You Are Accepted For The Second Round Of Auditions

  •  Expand your “idea worth spreading” into a compelling 5-minute summary to present to the TEDx selection committee.
  •  Identify correlating stories.
  • Create a compelling call to action.
  • Video record your 5-minute audition and review.
  •  Prepare for, and rock, the 5 to 10-minute Q & A following your audition.

You’re Accepted! 

Don’t Panic, As We Will Help You Write Your Complete Tedx Talk. 

Turn your idea worth spreading, 5-minute audition, and 10-minute Q and A into your TEDx Talk

  • Grab them with your opening and close strong.
  • Create TEDx-worthy PowerPoint slides.
  •  Include numbers and statistics for the left-brain audience members.
  •  Move the audience emotionally.
  •  Create your aha! moment.

No refunds. Winners have one-year to take advantage of the donated services won in the auction. Use it or lose it on 7/15/24.