Create Your Own Big Sexy Idea with Mark Levy

If you want to stand out in the marketplace as different and important, your business must have a differentiator at its fore that people can’t stop talking about.

Differentiation expert Mark Levy calls such a differentiator a “Big Sexy Idea,” and he’s helped some of the world’s most renowned brands, consultants, coaches, and speakers create theirs.

In fact, the ideas he and his clients have created are known by hundreds of millions of people.

Mark has helped differentiate individuals such as Simon Sinek (“Start With Why”), David Meerman Scott (“Fanocracy”), Lisa McLeod (“Selling With Noble Purpose”), and the former head of the Strategy Unit at the Harvard Business School, as well as beloved Cigar Peg members Joel Block (“Advantage Play”) and Joe Curcillo (“The Generalist’s Advantage”).

Now, it’s your turn.

In this offering, Mark will be working with one person only, one-on-one, for four sessions on creating their own Big Sexy Idea.

He’ll also advise them on how to use that idea as part of their speeches, pitches, proposals, web copy, and books.

No refunds. Winners have one-year to take advantage of the donated services won in the auction. Use it or lose it on 7/15/24.