2019 Cigar PEG Staff Auction

Special Notice…4 Additional Seats Available

Cigar PEG Staff Auction Package…Two-Day Vegas Business Intensive Makeover…$20,000+ Value

Cigar PEG Two-Day Retreat September 18 & 19, 2019

Auction Item

Two-day retreat in Las Vegas featuring a complete speaking business overhaul from 6 Cigar PEG staff members.

Dates: September 18 & 19

Your transformation in two days. The resident experts of the Cigar PEG Staff will guide you through a “soup to nuts” deep-dive into your speaking business. You will experience an empowering renaissance enhancing your business model, marketing efforts and overall improvement in your growth. Put our six-person team to work you! Our team consists of authorities on networking, personal balance, marketing, strategic planning and messaging (more info below).

This auction package is be the perfect blend of learning, discovery, and – in the Cigar PEG tradition – fun!

Retreat Details

Attendee will receive a 2-hour session with each one. If we have 6 staff volunteers, attendee will receive a 90-minute session with each one. Attendee will also have a mastermind meeting the evening of the 18th with all other attendees and all staffers. Afterward, attendee will receive a 30-minute coaching call with each staffer within the following six months.

Before arriving, attendee will submit a completed questionnaire along with copies of speeches and marketing materials for staffers to review.

Logistics for Buyer

Retreat attendee to pay own airfare to Las Vegas. Cigar PEG will provide transportation to and from airport. Cigar PEG will provide accommodations at a rental house. Cigar PEG will provide transportation to and from staffers’ rental house. Cigar PEG will provide all meals, snacks, and beverages.

Tentative Schedule—6 Staffers


Afternoon       Pick up attendees from airport

Early Eve        Dinner

Late Eve          Drinking & smoking (possibly some getting-to-know-you stuff too)


8:30 – 9:30       Breakfast

9:30 – 11:30     Session 1

11:30 – 1         Lunch

1 – 3                Session 2

3 – 4                Break

4 – 6                Session 3

6 – 8                Dinner

8 – 10              Mastermind


8:30-9:30         Breakfast

9:30-11:30       Session 4

11:30 – 12:30  Lunch

12:30 – 2:30    Session 5

2:30 – 3           Break

3 – 5                Session 6

5 – 6                Take to airport

Planned Participating Staffers & Topics

  1. Robert Bradford—Strategic Planning
  2. Don Cooper—Copywriting and Branding
  3. Joe Curcillo—Keynote with a unifying vision
  4. Michael Goldberg—Strategic Networking
  5. Ed Rigsbee—Selling Your Services to Associations & Societies
  6. Marcey Walsh—Hacking Your Brain

Knock Out Networking! by Michael Goldberg, CSP

More Prospects. More Referrals. More Business

Vegas, baby! Boxing capital of the world!

Landing bookings as a speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant is a fight. No doubt about it! Have no fear! Knock Out Networking is here!

You’ll come out of this networking “main event” ready to lace up your gloves and come out swinging!

In this “main event” you will learn how to more effectively:

  • Meet and greet new people in professional settings
  • Define your Target Market to establish more and better connections
  • Deliver a “knock-out” elevator speech (not a script!)
  • Generate more prospects and referrals from current network
  • Establish important relationships generating more speaking opportunities

Bottom line, having a Knock Out strategy to networking will absolutely help you attract more prospects, more referrals, and more business to your speaking calendar!

Weigh in NOW!

Michael Goldberg is a two-time TEDx speaker and the founder of Knock Out Networking, LLC, a speaking and training firm focused on helping sales producers generate more business through networking. Michael’s programs are responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars of increased sales production, as well as increased recruitment and retention of sales producers. Michael speaks at conferences and associations, runs sales meetings, and delivers dynamic “hard actionable approaches” that can be applied immediately. Knock Out Networking programs are licensed by organizations for use companywide. Clients include Guardian Life, Griffin Capital, Northern Trust, Rabobank, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, SAP, and Chubb. Michael’s book Knock-Out Networking! is available now with a New Edition being released in 2020! For more information or to subscribe to Michael’s FREE weekly blog 3-Minute Rounds, please visit www.KnockOutNetworking.com.

Because 98% of clients are HUMAN…TALK TO THE BRAIN with Marcey Walsh

Learn to Access Your Unlimited Power for Success

A Great Presentation + Neuro-Hacks =

  • Less Resistance
  • Quicker Action
  • Longer Lasting Results

You’ll leave this interactive workshop with a map of neuro-responses triggered by your current presentation and a strategic plan to create new synaptic connections for clients for lower resistance and a greater sense of urgency to take action.

Take-away the same framework that has successfully helped advisors boost compliance rates in diabetics, increase the rate of savings in young adults and reduce the rate of drop-outs among at-risk teens. If you, like these advisors, work in a PNBL (Pain Now, Benefit Later) field, this session will be especially valuable.

In this workshop, brain basics will help your presentation to more effectively:

  • Build Trust
  • Transmit vivid pictures from your head into theirs
  • Create the CraveTM for immediate action
  • Develop a perception of high value for your solution or service
  • Design a Value-Over-Time FrameworkTM as showcase for your USP

In our follow-up coaching call, we will evaluate impact of your adaptations following the workshop and discuss next-steps to fine-tune for specific desired responses. (You already know your audience, knowing their brain will change how you communicate with them on a daily basis!)

Time to move past trendy growth mindset/personality styles/learning styles models of engaging clients. When you engage the bio-mechanics of the brain directly, your presentation will connect at a deeper level with a higher percentage of audience members.

Bottom line: Presenting with the brain in mind  will absolutely help you fine-tune your content and presentation to position you as a subject matter expert who creates long-lasting change in individuals and in organizations.

Marcey Walsh, Neuro-Geek, has taught hundreds of thousands of teens, is a  Decision Support Specialist, and also a digital and face-to-face facilitator for one of the world’s leading training organizations. She is the creator of the ‘Pictures You Touch’TM presentation format and founder of Strategic Brilliance, LLC, a speaking and training organization focused on helping advisors increase their impact on at-risk populations.

Clients include Raymond James Financial, American Association of Diabetes Educators, Microsoft, National  Drop-Out Prevention Council, Dale Carnegie Training, and the National Science Teachers Association. Marcey’s book, Before It’s Too Late…Developing a Sense of Urgency in Ourselves and Others will be released in 2020. For more information or to subscribe to Marcey Minutes, one minute neuro-tips for better communication, please visit www.StrategicBrilliance.com.

Learn How to Effectively Sell Your Speaking to Associations from Ed Rigsbee

Grow your revenue in multiples through more association bookings. How? The backdoor. Learn how to find the true decision maker by bypassing the gatekeepers. Also, decide which associations and societies are best for you to approach…improve your positioning…discover how to grow your verticals. Learn where the money really is!  Watch Ed’s 23 minute video and he will tell you how to do it.


  1. You will learn clarity of your value…what your programs deliver to association audiences

  2. You will learn clarity of how to use your new tools to navigate the selling maze

    • Article titles & writing schedule​

    • Consistent message

    • Which associations to approach (how & when)

  3. You will learn clarity of your selling plan and how to successfully execute with accountability

    • Selling script​

    • Leverage all activity

    • The will to perform

Professional Speakers of all levels…learn how to bust past the gatekeepers in selling your services to trade associations and professional societies. You will learn how to get those two extra speeches each month.

You already know how difficult it is to get direct bookings. You constantly hear, “the committee decides” which is association speak for “somebody else is the decision maker.”

Getting through the gatekeeper to the true decision maker is the key and is nearly impossible…UNTIL NOW!

Ed Rigsbee is regarded as the number one expert in selling to associations. You will learn how to do an end-run around the gatekeeper and get to the decision maker to secure lucrative association and society keynote and workshop engagements.

These bookings are like paid showcases to also gain corporate work. Learn, relax, and have fun in Las Vegas with Ed and walk away with the exact strategies to get hired by associations.

You will get personalized help in determine the best way for you to access the association market, and become armed for successful selling.

  1. Your Positioning; you have to be both unique and fit into their meeting categories.

  2. Your Positioning Umbrella Exercise for Determining Category and Sub-Category

  3. Your Strategy Map for Discovering Your Customers’ Preferred Differentiators

  4. Your New Sales Scripts and Marketing Sales Copy

  5. How to Use LinkedIn & YouTube as Business to Business Positioning Tools

  6. Determine the Best Industry categories for You to Pursue First

More info at:  https://www.sellingtoassociations.com/

Connect to your audience using a Unifying Vision with Joe “The MindShark” Curcillo

Pump up your message and presentation with modifications that compel your audience to engage!

Discover how to:

  • Capture the audience’s attention right upfront
  • Engage the audience in your conversation
  • Make them want more!

By structuring your talk to create a unifying vision for your audience they will embrace you. What you capture their attention and have them eating out of the palm of your hand, you will have:

  • More impact
  • More influence
  • More audience commitment

You will learn how to

  • Be more persuasive through storytelling.
  • Find more imaginative and creative ways to present your speech to make the audience feels like they belong “in” the story that you’re delivering.

Everyone is searching for meaning, but sometimes they don’t know how to recognize it! By learning to build your story so that they can wade in gently, you will create a more immersive experience.

JOE CURCILLO is a consultant who helps leaders engage their teams to enthusiastically achieve any outcome they desire. He combines over thirty years of experience as an attorney and law-firm partner with a career as an internationally acclaimed award-winning mentalist entertainer to create speeches, training programs, and executive coaching that enable people to become empowering leaders. During his 30-year long legal career, he served as an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching advocacy by developing a hands-on course using the art of storytelling as a communication tool. Joe now uses the skills of advocacy, storytelling and management to guide his clients to be more effective.

Robert Bradford on the Strategy for Finding the Hidden Money

Would you like to make your speaking business a REAL business?  In Robert Bradford’s session, we’ll break down your topics, products, marketing and more to find the money hidden in your speaking business.   Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

-Your ideal audience and the real value you deliver

-Reaching your audience without spending a fortune by standing out from the crowd

-How to get clients to call YOU to book you

-Training products hidden in your business – and how to sell them

-How you can turn a single speech into a six-figure deal – even if there is no fee

-Building your one-person speaking business into something bigger

-Using your business diagram to find what you should do to make more money

Lots of people may tell you how to speak better, or sell better, but Robert’s program will help you see the money machine your speaking business can become, probably with a few simple tweaks.

You’ll get market targeting tips, fee analysis and at least 3 suggested product ideas that will make your business more profitable and predictable in years to come.

Be sure to check out Robert’s strategic planning blog at http://www.cssp.com/strategicplanning/blog/

Why Should I Hire You? With Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic™

There are tens of thousands of speakers out there. All competing for the same opportunities you are. How do you stand out? Especially when being good isn’t good enough?

In this fast-paced, hands-on, one-on-one, hyphen-filled session, you’ll discover:

  • The single biggest marketing mistake most speakers make
  • How to create a unique brand—so you stand out from the crowd
  • What people who hire speakers are really looking for
  • How to craft a marketing message that grabs meeting planners’ attention
  • Secrets to writing copy that makes people want to book you
  • The essential elements of a speaker marketing packet and web site
  • The answer to the question, “What should I charge?”
  • And much more!

Named one of the “Top 30 Social Salespeople in the World” by Forbes, Don Cooper is an internationally-acclaimed sales and marketing expert who helps salespeople and professionals sell more quickly, ethically, and profitably. His clients include companies such as Yamaha, Loomis, Hot Spring Spas, Nissan Canada, Johnson & Johnson, Bloomberg Media, Costco, and Harley-Davidson. A frequent guest on television and radio, Don has written regular columns for five different business publications, has co-authored three books, and is currently working on two more. Find loads of sales tips on The Sales Heretic™ Blog at DonCooper.com and on Twitter at @DonCooper.