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2019 Denver Celebrity Auction Brochure

2019 SpeakerFlow Auction Package

Your Brand New Website & Follow-Up Business Success Consulting from SpeakerFlow

  1. Custom WordPress Website/Website Redesign: Every professional needs a strong brand to represent what they do on stage to the meeting planners and executives that want to hire you. Not only does it need to be functional and accessible, but it also needs to be found by those people. We’re offering a fully-built out website that will include the design element that converts users, the technical Search Engine Optimization that’s needed to get you ranking in Google, and any custom functionality needed (like eCommerce, login portals, learning management system for courses, etc). All of this will be integrated with to the various tools and systems you use to manage and grow your business. This service is typically offered at $10,000 (or more).
  2. 12-Week SpeakerFlow Consultancy: We get that you want to spend less time running your business and more time being on stage. That means creating a tailored system where your tools, technology, and processes are all working for each other rather than against each other. Our consultancy was designed specifically for this outcome. Over the course of twelve weeks, and using our 5 step “ARIES Optimization System”, we’ll help you organize and optimize the myriad of tools that you’re using (or maybe paying for but not actually using). Everything from CRM to project management and billing/invoicing is covered in our 30+ modules created to help you get your sales, marketing, and operations efforts firing on all six cylinders. Our average client saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars because of the systems that we help put into place. On top of that, each and every client has a 100% unique and tailored process – we know that every business is different, so we don’t expect any “cookie-cutter” template to be able to solve everyone’s problems. This service is normally offered at $5,000.
  3. Up to 25 hours of Automation Help/Development: Our team has been automating tools for years, and this is the final piece to the puzzle for getting speakers feeling like they’re in control of their business. We’ll use the technology we’ve put into place while designing your website and and tools that we’ve implemented during the consultancy to eliminate as much of the minutia in your day/week as possible. We will not only get these automations set up for you, but will also train you on how to maintain and further build out them out. The goal for you to walk away from us with only needing to focus on the highest priority and highest impact efforts, with the rest of the daily minutia taken care of. We can automate these systems on the technical side, and can also help you offload tasks and projects to virtual assistants trained on the SpeakerFlow process. This service is normally offered at $100/hour or $2,500 for the entire 25 hours.
In total, this package would normally go for $17,500

2019 Primeau Productions Auction

Chuck Gallagher’s Primeau Productions $24,000 Complete Video Domination

Beyond a demo video, beyond YouTube, beyond Facebook and LinkedIn – if poor or old video is killing your business – this is the package you want and need!  Unlock you potential video video and take your business to the next level.  Expand your reach, outplay your competition and grow your business!  Are your marketing campaigns falling flat?  Are your current videos outdated?  Are you struggling to get lead or land engagements?  This exclusive Primeau Productions package is your solution!
What you get:
  • Newly created or edited demo video that includes footage shot on location (US only).  We visit with you to determine your unique selling proposition to meeting planners (what problem do you solve) and move past a cookie cutter formula to create a stunning video that separates you from your competition.  
  • But, most people update their demo video ever 3 to 5 years.  This package includes annual demo updates for 2020 thru 2021 – making your video fresh yearly for three years.  
  • YouTube management for 2019/2020 – including site evaluation, a new video created each month so you have new and relevant content, and re-purposing existing content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.  If your YouTube presence isn’t where it needs to be – we’ll fix that problem so that you can rise above your competition.
  • Audio – Video book creation.  The newest development in the book arena is creating video books.  We help you craft a video book that not only creates a new product to offer your clients and attendees, but extracts the audio so you can offer thru Audible, etc. your book as an audio book offering.
  • Finally we will work with you to create your “hold” video, your “thank you” video and short videos that define your speaking services beyond the overview of a demo video – these are described as short defined demo videos that help you close sales.
Our goal is to grow your business using video.  Secondly, our goal is to help Ed and the CIGAR PEG with fund raising.  So bid high cause to buy this package separately would be a bit costly, but your high bid get our undivided attention to help you dominate thru video.
(The small print: winning bidder has one year from the date of auction to utilize this service. Any travel and lodging will be at winning bidder’s expense. Be respectful of Cigar PEG Celebrity’s time. This person donated the service and receives no financial remuneration for the service.)

Dr. Boris Konrad – Memory

Boris Konrad talks to host Craig Price about understanding memory.

Chris Price – Key West Mastermind

Chris Price joins host Craig Price (no relation) to discuss his proposed program for the Key West Accelerated MasterMind on assessment tools as well as what he hopes to gain from attending.

Sherri Fitts – Key West MasterMind

Sherri Fitts joins host Craig Price to discuss her proposed program for the Key West Accelerated MasterMind on social media marketing as well as what she hopes to gain from attending.

Margaret Reynolds – Key West Mastermind

Margaret Reynolds joins host Craig Price to discuss her proposed program for the Key West Accelerated MasterMind on finding growth opportunities as well as what she hopes to gain from attending.

David Newman – Key West Mastermind

David Newman joins host Craig Price to discuss his proposed program for the Key West Accelerated MasterMind on webinar persuasion architecture as well as what he hopes to gain from attending.

Robert Bradford – Key West MasterMind

Robert Bradford joins host Craig Price to discuss his proposed program for the Key West Accelerated MasterMind as well as what he hopes to gain from attending.

Ed Rigsbee – Key West MasterMind

Ed gives a quick debriefing of the Cigar PEG annual auction and party. He also discusses the Key West Mastermind happening this winter. Interested in going? Click here and sign up! Space is limited.