Robert Bradford – Key West MasterMind

Robert Bradford joins host Craig Price to discuss his proposed program for the Key West Accelerated MasterMind as well as what he hopes to gain from attending.

Become a Benefactor

Laurie Brown joins host Craig Price to discuss the benefits of becoming a benefactor while Joel Block and Judson Laipply explain why they are Cigar PEG Benefactors.

Jon Schwartz – Cooking with Vinnie

Jon Schwartz joins host Craig Price to discuss Cooking with Vinnie!

Russell Trahan – Public Relations

Sponsor Russell Trahan of PR/PR joins host Craig Price to discuss public relations.

Jill Schiefelbein – AUCTION ITEM – Online Product Strategy

Jill talks about creating online products and describers her offering for the Cigar PEG auction. You can learn more about Jill at

Corbin Ball – Meeting Technology

Corbin Ball talks to Craig about using technology to interact with your audience. You can learn more about Corbin at

Dan Burrus – Future Trends in Speaking

Dan Burrus talks to Craig about the future of speaking.

Terry Paulson – Humor in Presentations

Dr. Terry Paulson joins host Craig Price to discuss how to use humor to enhance a presentation and why it is so important to your business, even if you’re not that funny.

You can learn more about Terry Paulson at

David Newman – AUCTION ITEM – Complete Marketing Package

David Newman talks to host Craig Price about the great coaching/marketing package he is donating to the annual Cigar PEG Celebrity Auction. He’s offering an intense content creation, marketing coaching program that we know will knock your socks off.

You can learn more about David Newman at

Tom Antion – Online Marketing

International Internet Marketer Tom Antion and host Craig Price discuss some insider secrets on how to market your business better and get more speaking events from the internet.

You can learn all about Tom at